Monday, November 4, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List

 Summer Bucket List
  1. Make s'mores 6/30
  2. read a book as a family 9/2
  3. plant a plant 5/18
  4. play sardines 8/30
  5. Play tag 7/28
  6. play twister 9/3
  7. corn on the cob eating contest 8/16
  8. reverse meal day 8/17
  9. camping in the backyard 8/9
  10. all day in PJ's 8/12
  11. scavenger hunt 8/11
  12. build a Lego city 9/3
  13. create & play a new board game 9/2
  14. go to a fair/carnival 8/15
  15. go fishing 9/3
  16. play videos games Mom VS kids 8/23
  17. go to the library 9/3
  18. play a game of kickball 8/16
  19. write a story as a family 8/9
  20. have a water balloon fight/ toss 8/26
  21. play mini golf 8/22
  22. melted crayon art 9/1
  23. play Pictionary 8/31
  24. go to a water park 7/11
  25. run through the sprinkler 8/24
  26. visit a fire department
  27. make sundaes 8/2
  28. make our own beanbags 9/2
  29. build a birdhouse 9/2
  30. create & run an obstacle course 8/31
  31. dress up & put on a play/skit 8/14
  32. complete a whole coloring book
  33. make a Summer Bucket List scrapbook
 Here is the list of  links to blog posts from throughout our summer and our race near the end to complete our Bucket List. During that time I was new to blogging and was co-blogging with a friend so most the post are from that page. I've got the hang of blogging now (kind of) and have branched out to doing my own page.

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