Thursday, June 6, 2013

Talk About Splitting Hairs

The other day we marked off another bucket list item- Cool summer haircuts. We compromised on this one, they wanted to grow out their hair and I wanted it buzzed. So we all got part of we wanted and they got mohawks :) They love them, I love them, but the school not so much.
Yesterday morning we were running late and only 2 boys spiked their hair up. I made sure they only spiked the top, the school doesn't allow the backs spiked (safety issue?). Shortly after I dropped them off I get a call from Crystal to let me know she had seen one of my boys in the office with his hair spiked. She stopped by and we chatted for a bit and waited to see if the school was going to call and let me know they made him lay down his hair. The call never came and I forgot all about it. On my way in to the cafeteria the principal stopped me because "we need to talk" UH HO! That can't be good. Once he closed the door I did the typical mom thing and mentally ran through anything any of my boys could have done wrong within 3 hours they were there, came up with nothing. I find out that I'm there because of their hair. That if I was trying to create a stir with their hairdo's I had succeeded. HUH? The principal saw their mohawks as a slap in the face on our way out. Again HUH? I got their hair cut because they needed them (Jacob was starting to look like Dora the Explorer) and they were cool hair cuts. They had mohawks (that were spiked up) last year for last week of school and it was a non-issue. I was told I had to "fix" their hair before tomorrow (today), or they could start their summer vacation early. WHAT?! Because of their hair? It's just hair. They were in violation of the school dress code by having sculptured/carved hair. He told me he didn't know how I was going to "fix" it, but they could not come back until it was fixed; even if it was laid flat. When I got home I googled  both sculptured and carved hair, my kids' style didn't fit the criteria.
I was told that their hair was just the last straw, because he had heard rumors about me talking to other parents about pulling my kids and encouraging them to pull their. Wait a minute, he's the principal he should know better than to listen to rumors. I had talked to some friends that also fellow parents about why I chose that this school was no longer a good fit for my family. Presumably, there are other parents who for their own reasons decided to pull their kids, and I had no clue about it. Apparently, I'm the cause because I'm pulling mine? The school had gone as far to call a close friend of mine and ask her if she was pulling her boys, too. You've got to be kidding me. Okay, I'm getting a little side tracked.
As it stand now, my boys will have to start their vacation early. I kept them home today, when I called them in I said it was for personal reasons. I'm still trying to figure out the right next step. I have considered buzzing them, they don't want to cut their hair, and I'm trying to be supportive of their decisions. I just spent a good amount of money on their do's and would rather not buzz them (I could have done that for free from the get-go). My brother sent me a message after I posted about this issue on my personal Facebook page, telling me he doesn't want his son's hair cut and to just keep him home from school. I'm not a rule breaker and if I would have known getting their hair cut was going to cause such a problem I would have waited until after they were out of school. I'm not even sure if I buzz them, that they'll be allowed back into school to finish out their last 6 days. They will be missing out on fieldtrips, field day, and fun days mostly. The boys are all for starting vacation early, but would like the opportunity to say good bye to their friends, especially because they won't be returning. I'm shocked that they are being kept from going to school because of their hair, and its the same style they had last year.
So much for leaving gracefully.