Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm doing a happy dance, two of the three boys were accepted into the school of our choice! Still waiting to hear on the last one, thinking positively. The boys were excited when they heard the news. Poor Jacob keeps thinking he's going to go this year. After we toured the school he thought the next day he was going to start there. That morning he was confused as why I woke him so early (we'll get an extra hour of sleep, BONUS) and why he had to still wear his uniform. I explained we had to wait to make sure they had room for us first, he wasn't happy about still having to wake up early but didn't complain. Again last night after hearing that they have been accepted, he thought he'd be attending today, because "but they have room for us". After some conversation he agreed that he should finish out the school year at the charter school and give proper good-byes to his classmates.
I was a little concerned how Joey would handle going to the new school, given that fact that he will be repeating the 3rd grade once he gets there. This year while trying to figure out his behavioral issues and dealing with the school because of his behavioral issues, he's grades and study habits took a nose dive. He's been working very hard to regain his grades and get back on track, but it feels like he's always playing catch up. After explain that none of the other kids will even know that he's already done 3rd grade, pointing out that he'll now probably be the tallest in his class as well as the oldest (I'm so glad he's still at the age where being the oldest and the biggest is a good thing), and he won't have to struggle so hard and will already know some of the material the other kids will be learning. Thankfully he's okay with it now. It was a very hard decision to make, but I think I've made the right call.
"King Jordan (as we taken to calling him during his hormonal preteen stage) has been making life interesting in our house. He's not happy about not hearing back yet if he'll be attending the new school or not. Although I don't like to make excuses for my kids when they decide to turn my house topsy-turvy; I think "King Jordan" has reappeared to show that he's important too and feels slighted by not quickly being accepted by the school. He is taking it out on his subjects (the other boys) by ordering them around; which this Queen B isn't liking at all. In his royal glory this morning he decided the subjects should be stuck eating Rice Krispies, while he had the good sugared cereal that after he poured his, he hid it away in his royal cellar (aka his closest). Oh the joys of having a preteen, I CAN wait to see what the teenage stage brings. Fingers Crossed we hear back soon on the new school.