Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easier than we thought

When I first started making our summer bucket list I had so many ideas that I quickly came up with over a hundred. Then I got to thinking, how will we ever complete them all, the summer goes by so quickly. After knocking out 3 of them today, I'm thinking we may just need to add some more. We only had one bucket list event planned today from our list, but made a couple detours along the way. We went to our local Home Depot for a children's craft. We were late getting there but the boys got right to work on constructing their lawn mower shaped pencil holders. I couldn't very well deprive them of this. Every kid needs to have a lawn mower shaped pencil holder that they'll use all the time. They had fun lining up the wood, gluing, and hammering. I thought I would use this opportunity to sneak in a little life lesson for my young gentlemen- to read the instructions, then to actually follow the instructions, and that there usually aren't supposed to be any spare parts. My poor nephew not being as accustomed with tools as my boys learn a important lesson as to how hard to strike a nail if he's not sure if he'll hit the nail or his thumb. We now have four lawn mower pencil holders that are slightly more unique than the model, proudly on display. This was not one of our bucket list items; as the boys pointed out to me earlier the one on our list clearly has the date of the Home Depot craft as July 1st, so we have to wait until after that project to cross it off. We would have made this project anyways if it was on the list or not. We can't wait to see what the surprise project will be on July 1st.
From there it was to Tons O' Trucks our main event for the day. We hunted down a parking spot and hiked our way to where all the trucks were and the first thing we see is a racecar. Matthew's most favorite thing in the world is racecars (He has 500 hot wheels to prove it) They climbed on, in, and around just about every truck, car, and machine that was there. They posed for dozens of pictures for mom, played every game that was set up, and grabbed every freebie along the way. We even stopped in at the Child ID booth to update their info, just incase (heaven forbid anything ever happen). Leaving with bags of freebies, coloring books, a copy of every sheet of paper the booths had laid out, and huge smiles. I've heard this is an annual event and we're looking forward to returning next year. That was our 2nd bucket list item completed so far. We stopped for a late lunch, then headed home. Along the way we spotted a playground we had been meaning to stop at. Figuring that everyone is still in a good mood even after a busy morning, why not stop now. Although it was really muddy and there were more than a couple puddles to hop over, we stopped and played for a bit. Off to the side was a small track that seemed to grab my boys attention and soon we were trying to determine who was the fastest in the family. We learned Jordan is a sprinter and mom can do long distance, which is probably why cross county was difficult for Jordan and why mom loses every race from the house to the corner. We played there until it threatened to rain again. Check and check, those were two more of bucket list activities- go to a new park/playground & compete in a foot race. Later in the evening the boys had friends who were coming over to hang out for a couple hours. What a well spent Saturday, the sun was shining (mostly), everyone maintained positive attitudes, not yelling or crying, and it was shared together as a family and with friends. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring us :)