Monday, June 10, 2013

Offically on Vacation

   We have chosen to start our summer vacation early and not cut the boys' mohawks off. We are officially on vacation and officially working our way through our bucket list. We have made some headway and now have 10 activities completed. This past week we checked off five of them.
    When I was younger I use to love playing Chinese Jump rope, about a year ago I stumbled across one at a dollar store, and it has sat in our outdoor toy bucket since then. We added it to our bucket list in hopes of  the boys learning how to play. They were excited to play (even though it was a neon pink rope) and I ran through the basics and had everyone in place, then couldn't remember what to do after you made it through the pattern correctly. We Googled it, and the "rules" they had were not the same I remember from when I was a kid.  We meshed together what I remembered with some of what we found on line and came up with our own version. I was pleasantly surprised how well they did, they even were jumping two at the same time. Jordan was able to jump and actually land on the ropes from as high as my waist!!
 We borrowed a stack of origami books from the library, had a stack of paper, and this crazy idea that we could create all the cool animals from the books. Quite a few time we did really good until steps 5 or 6 then couldn't figure out what we were suppose to do then, and we'd start another one. I've learned origami is one of those
projects that is easy in theory but not in practice. We managed to make couple fish with all four of us working together to figure it out. Joey made a pretty cool water lily. We stuck mostly to paper people and fortune tellers. Jordan also taught us how to make paper balloons that he had learned how to do at school. All in all things  worked out, but I don't think we'll be trying to create any more paper swans any time soon.   We made popsicles with Nutella and Cool Whip, the boys measured, poured and mixed, then we waited. It took a long time for them to set, then we couldn't get them out of our molds. Finally releasing them with the use of a butter knife, we counted it more as a ice cream than a popsicle seems it wasn't on a stick. Not being one to let ice cream go to waste we enjoyed our fudge glob in a bowl, and it was very tasty. We made popsicles again and this time we took the much easier route of pouring pineapple orange juice into the molds, wait 2-3 hours, and enjoy. These one stayed on the sticks :)
   While we waited for our second popsicles to set we headed outside to
make our sidewalk chalk mural. They went with a beach theme. They had some really good ideas that they incorporated into the mural. Jordan made a S.S.BEATLES yellow submarine for Jacob (it's his new favorite band and song), we had Patrick from Sponge Bob, and of coarse a couple people about to be eaten my sharks. Along with sand castles, sea shells, and life guards. One of our friend's helped us with our artwork.The past two weekends Jordan has been volunteering at one of our favorite nature centers. He absolutely loves it. He gets to handle most of the critters and show them up close to visitors and hand feed them. We have been borrowing a lot of animal books from the library and researching them on line so he can make sure he gives correct information when people ask him questions about the animals. Yesterday, after finishing his shift we hung out for a while and he shared some of what he's learned about each of the animals with us. He even brought out a wood turtle to show his brothers.

  We tried doing blowing bubbles from our list, but with a twist. Another great idea I found on Pinterest, another one that didn't go as planned. The boys stayed up late so it would be dark enough to do glow in the dark bubbles. We tried pouring glow sticks into the bubbles, which was harder than it should have been. We successfully made the bottle with the bubbles glow, but we had hoped to make the actual bubbles glow. We didn't count it for our bucket list, and planning on trying it again. Now that we're on vacation, we're planning to complete at least one bucket list activity a day.