Who Are We...

Hello there!! Welcome to our blog page :) Our page is a bit of a modge podge of things. This is my journey raising 3 sons as a single mom. It's all included the good, the bad, the ugly truth, and a bit of craziness that fills our days. I share a lot of activities we do, from crafts I convince my kiddos to try to places we explore. I'm learning that it doesn't really get easier raising 3 boys on my own, it just get different.

Here's a closer look at who each of us are

 Julie- Mostly, when I do refer to myself, I am just Mom :) I have been a single parent since my first son was born. The only thing that changed was the number of children I was single handily raising. I love to read, and will read just about anything I can get my hands on. If my hands aren't busy with a book, you can usually find a crochet hook in my hands. I enjoy crafting and scrapbooking, however I doubt I'll ever actually catch up any of our scrapbooks. My passions besides being a mom are American Sign Language and the deaf culture (no, none of us are deaf), teaching kids (mine included), writing and learning new things.

Jordan- My first born is 16. Putting it nicely he has "leadership skills", which means he prefers to be the one calling all the shots. He is for the most part my right hand man, I can count on him to help me out with most things, as long as it doesn't consist of watching his brothers. He's really good with manual labor and is a big help to his Papa. He was really into playing basketball for a couple years. Since not making the school team he's switched interests to skateboarding. Most recently Jordan has taken to cooking and learning his way around the kitchen. Like many kids his age he plays computer games, spends too much time on social media, and likes hanging out with friends. He also has ADD, so he doesn't always have the motivation to work up to his full potential.

Joey- My poor deprived middle child, he's 12. There are so many ways to describe Joey, yet really no way to describe him. He is who he is. He's goofy, a bit scattered, easily distracted, very high energy. He's also very loving, considerate, and helpful. Joey was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6, since then he has had a few more diagnoses added on. Joey loves to build with Legos, he'll use the directions only once to make the models then take them apart and make his own creations. He would rather be outside than indoors. He's definitely a kid on the move. He is also my child that will take apart a new toy just to see how it works, thankfully his newest passion is computer programing and modeling design.

Jacob- My baby who's already 10, is my little cuddle bug. Jacob would much rather be inside watching YouTube videos or playing on the computer. He also enjoys "battling" with his Pokemon cards (he has way too many, more than 3,000 cards) and battling his action figures. Jacob has the most active imagination out of all my boys. He has picked up two scraps of paper and pretended they were "guys" during a long car ride. When you can get him outside, he is single-minded about only playing soccer. He's the first to offer a helping hand and is most often my peacekeeper. He also was diagnosed with his own letters, he has CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) which is an anxiety disorder. Thankfully he has not had any symptoms since the beginning of this school year.

Matthew- In some of my older posts you will notice that I had a "spare" child. Matthew is my nephew who came to live with us for a year. He has since moved back in with his father and we don't see him often anymore.

To insure that I am totally outnumbered, we also have Otis, our 9 year old male orange tabby cat.
*Doris is our most recent addition an African Pygmy Hedgehog who was born Jan 6, 2016.