Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're All Good

We received our official acceptance letters into our new schools. Jordan is over the moon that he has been accepted and now says "I always knew they'd take me, why wouldn't they" lol. There was some question to which middle school they were going to send him, if he got in; thankfully he's in the one toured and had hoped for. Recently, we have learned some of his classmates from our "old" school will also be attending the same middle school. It's nice to know there will be some familiar faces amongst the masses. We have to wait until just before school starts to set up his schedule, this is new for him; his schedule was always figured out for him and the school chose his electives. All the boys are looking forward to not having to take Spanish class anymore. They are already learning a second language at home, I have been slowly teaching them sign language for years. My only problem now, What am I to do with ALL these uniforms and dress slacks. I think I may know some families that can take some of them off my hands. I think we'll keep one shirt per kids as a memento, it had been Jordan's school for the past 5 years and the other boys' first school. Although we are so ready to move on, it is kind of sad t be leaving behind the only school they've really known. I had been very involved in a wide variety of activities from helping in classroom, testing kids, keeping score at sporting events and running concession stands, to field trips and working in the lunchroom. I have come to know most of the students, and will miss them dearly, some of the middle school students had taken to calling me "Aunt Julie". I have worked beside many wonderful parent volunteers and will miss them also. I will be in the same place as my boys, when it comes to getting involved with activities and meeting new people. There will be new opportunities for me also to involve myself in the schools and new parents to meet. Choosing to view it as adding to our circle of friends, not as missing out on things with our old friends. Not sure what school Matthew will be attending, this year it will be up to his father. I do know he will also be starting a new school regardless of which school his father chooses. He'll also have new opportunities wherever he goes. We will stopping by the school tomorrow, the official last day of school to empty out lockers, pick up some things my boys have earned and of course say goodbye to our friends, maybe even get a few people to sign their yearbooks. I have to make sure they get some closure, the way we left the school didn't give them a chance, and was not the way we had planned to leave. We are closing this chapter and looking forward to starting a new one with us all beginning in the same place.