Thursday, June 20, 2013

We've been busy marking off our Summer Bucket List

 Waking up early on a Saturday morning to be across town by 9 a.m. with all four boys, isn't one of my favorite things to do (especially after everyone getting into the habit of sleeping in late). Participating in the Out & About Autism Walk is well worth it. I cheated when I added this to our bucket list, because this is an annual thing for us the past couple of years. We meet my parents out there for the walk, but this year we had the joy of one of Matthew's sister joining us. We stuck to the 1 mile fun walk, after struggling with Matthew in the wagon up on down the unpaved hills last for the 3 mile. It was nice to see familiar faces of the kids from Matthew's therapies there along with their staff and some of their parents. Also to meet some of my mom's co-workers. autism awareness is close to my heart obviously because of Matthew, but also my mom works in the autism program at work. and I have many friends whose lives have been touched by some one who is autistic. I love that this is something I can share doing with my family and get my boys involved with.
  We crossed off making cookies from our list. I've been craving homemade chocolate chip cookies for about a week. I know cookies aren't helping me any for my BeachBody challenge, but sometimes you just gotta have cookies made with love. The weather has been on the cooler side, so we figured it was time to make mom...I mean the boys some cookies. Thankfully I have some very talented little chefs, we forgot to readjust our recipe and they ended up making five dozen cookies. Honest, the boys ate the majority of them.
Many years ago my mom took my brother and myself strawberry  picking and the memory has stuck with me. Wanting to make memorable moments with my boys I added it to our bucket list. We were only there 30-40 minutes and had filled our flat with 11lbs of strawberries. Jordan was really into it and a huge help filling our flat. Jacob was in his glory just eating strawberries He'd pick one
and ask if it was a good one, regardless if I said try to pick ones that are more red or that's a great one, he'd answer "Oh, I'll eat it then. lol Joey, my sweet Joey; who isn't a fan of strawberries or any fruit only picked a handful to contribute. He spent most of the time looking for the ones that were absolutely perfect, if it wasn't perfect he'd leave it and keep searching.
  On our way home from getting our strawberries we passed a farm we frequent every summer and stopped in for what was suppose to be a quick visit. We stayed a lot longer than we planned because the animals were very friendly. A calf that was only a couple months old, snuggled up next to Jordan and licked the remains of strawberries off his jeans while he pet its head. The goats and sheep ate every piece of hay Joey and Jacob  held out to them. The donkey came right up to the fence so Jacob could pet him. Even the pigs were awake and active and come over to sneeze and snot on the kids. We went inside the farm house and Joey and Jacob put on a animal puppet show for me, and Jordan talked one of the farmers into letting him hold a baby chick.
We drove out to Fort Gratiot to visit the oldest lighthouse in Michigan. I was surprised at how excited the boys were about climbing the lighthouse. We learned a lot of cool information about light lighthouse, I try to squeeze in education wherever I can. We climbed the 94 steps up to near the top of the 86 foot lighthouse. The view of Lake Huron and the Canadian border was so beautiful.  After out tour we were told we should check out the "Floating Lighthouse" that was just down the street. Actually it was a Lightship and we took a tour of it too. The boys weren't as impressed by it as they were with the lighthouse. Some of it may have been due to the long stories our guide a lovely older gentleman told along the way. The younger two were fascinated by seeing the bridge to Canada and the knowledge that another country was so close to where we live. We walked the boardwalk for a bit and read some of the informational signs along the way.
 That's five more things marked off our bucket list. I think we'll be focusing more on the ones we can do at home for a bit. The boys like the ones where we go places more than the homebound ones. I'll have to space them out some, there still is two more months of summer. Either that or come up with more ideas to add to our list, hmmm....