Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Weekend

Sorry, that I didn't post yesterday we were spending the day with family getting home really late. We visited the grandparents a day early and spent a couple hours with them and my nephew. Then celebrated my niece's 14th birthday with her mom's side of the family and enjoyed some really yummy minion cupcakes her mom made. And ended the day shopping for a new winter coat for myself and for Jordan.

Shopping with Jordan is always a treat as he lets down his guard and tends to get a bit goofy. When trying on coats he'd accessorize with gloves/ mittens that didn't match and a silly floppy scarf and dance in the aisle ways in the center of the store. While he had fun shopping and trying on some pretty ridiculous outerwear, he didn't find a coat that he'd actually wear on a daily basis. I however ended up with 3! One fit in the store but  once getting home I didn't care for the fit. Then there were the two others that I loved certain features of and spent over an hour trying pick between them. My goofy self would try one on and stand outside in the 19 degree weather and try to determine which would keep me the warmest when I was standing at the snow hill with my kiddos. I even had my mom try them on and see which one she thought would work the best. I was determined to leave with a decision made, because the coat I have been wearing leaves my feeling like and icicle after my mile walk with Jordan.

Today I am very thankful to have made a choice as the younger two headed out in the frigid temperatures to play. They bundled up grabbed their bikes, soccer ball, and gathered up some of their friends to spend an hour and a half outside playing. Once we could no longer feel our toes, it was time for some hot coco and a movie.

Jordan didn't come home with us last night and stayed at Grandma's, they had plans for today. Jordan went to the theater to see A Christmas Carol, just him and Grandma. I love when they get to spend one on one time with they grandparents, I know it means a lot to them.

The rest of today will be  pretty low key,  we may head back outside now that we can feeling has returned to our toes, we'll work on some of their scouting achievements and get ready for our two day week of school.

How was your weekend? Did you head out to embrace the weather?

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