Monday, November 4, 2013

UGH...It's Monday!

Usually I have really good Mondays and not so good Tuesdays. Well today was a not so good Monday, nothing major just nothing seemed to work out the way I had hoped. I received a letter that maintain will be stopping in sometime starting today to inspect smoke detectors and replace furnace filters so I set about completing the job the boys had not chosen over the weekend. While tidying up I remembered I haven't seen Jordan's school pictures in a while and started searching for them, I have been looking for them on and off for about 2 weeks. Soon my main focus was finding those pictures, because I should have spotted them while cleaning up. I have check (a couple times) in the usual places I put things for safe keeping and they still weren't there. Then I started looking in the most unlikely places, because that's where things tend to be. Soon I was tackling our dreaded "junk drawer" now that it organized again it was clear they weren't there. However I found a stack of mostly used gift cards and was surprised that some of them actually had more than a few cents on them. I decided to check the gift cards that were in my purse, and there tucked neatly next to the cards were Jordan's school pictures already cut and ready to be handed out. It never occurred to me to look in my partially hidden seldom used pocket of my purse. Why is it that my "safe places" for things are so safe that even I can't find them most of the time.

Okay, my Monday started out good but it started to derail when I picked Jordan up from school. When I got there a few minutes late due to the train that never runs at that time had stopped me, and there is my dear child standing outside with no bookbag and no coat. His reasoning was that he didn't think he would need it because he wanted to go to the volleyball game and could get them later. We went into the school together to find our when the games would end and to find out what time basketball tryouts were later this week. On our way to locate the coach we found his math teacher who had planned on calling me tonight because Jordan had gotten himself in trouble during class for mouthing off. *SIGH* Needless to say there was no volleyball game for Jordan.

We however did head over to get him his physical for basketball tryouts.Getting his physical ended up throwing the day off track. While we waited the over two hours for his five minute checkup, the boys became bored with what they brought and entertained themselves by annoying each other and being a live soap opera for everyone else in the waiting room. We knew it was going to be somewhat of a wait, but not as long as it was. Long waits at the doctor's leaves all four of us a bit on edge, especially when we end up pushing dinner back. So here it is 7:30 and I'm just now feeding the kiddos a chicken corndog dinner.

We were suppose to go shopping after the physical to get what they boys needed to make dinner tomorrow. They had planned to go big with making a Thanksgiving dinner (with all the trimmings) and had invited their grandparents over. We ended up having to reschedule, there just wouldn't be enough time to thaw the turkey. The boys were so excited about cooking a huge meal, and were really bummed about postponing it.

Thankfully none of the boys have school tomorrow and they won't have to rush to complete the evening routine. Also now that they are fed, they are done pestering each other. Hopefully we have gotten on not so good day out of the way and have a wonderful week.