Monday, November 18, 2013

Typical Sunday

I had every intention of writing yesterday but after an all day tornado watch followed by high wind advisory, I thought it best just to wait until today. With my luck I  would have just finished writing this up and lost power before I could save. Thank you for your understanding. Anyways...

We didn't really do anything all that fun or exciting, just a typical Sunday with my parents.

Today is my brother's birthday, he would have been 38. Although he passed when I was younger than Jacob he was a very special part of my life. I try to share his memory with my boys. We have his picture near the boys' rooms. I talk about what I can remember about him. One of my brother's favorite things (besides me) was graham cracker pie. The last few years Joey has taken it upon himself to make "Uncle Jason's Pie" on or near Uncle Jason's birthday. While Joey never eats the pie, he has to be the one to make it. Yesterday Joey made the pie and we took it down to share with my parents. We took a shortcut and use a premade crust, it just was not the same. We try to make it out to the cemetery with a birthday balloon, but didn't get there yesterday due to the weather.

Although there was a tornado watch, it was warmer than it has been and was only a bit cloudy; so we spent most of the day outside. We watched for changes in the weather, but it was too nice of a day to hide in the house. This also gave them a chance to rake up some leaves and help Papa clean the garage. When the rain finally did come we went inside to work on some of our bucket list projects.

I wasn't really sure how were going to pull off make leaf people and what kind of leaf art we were going to do. Also I can never find anything at my mom's house, you'd swear she moves everything around every week just to keep me on my toes. While I hunted down the paints I told the boys "make leaf people, I'll be right back." They each had their own interpretation of what that meant. Joey drew a person on his leaf, leaf  + person= Leafperson. Jordan made different faces on his leaves. Jacob went all out with creating a whole body for his leaf person. This was a super quick project, by the time I found the paint they were finished. I guess they could have gone into more detail, but didn't feel like it. I have to look for some of our leaf people, the think they may still be at Grandma's or were blown away in transit. Next we tried leaf art, that is such an open ended project. We started with leaf prints, where they painted the leave (on the veined side) and stamped it on the paper. Some turned out better than others. They seem more interested in just painting the leaves so we that's what we did. Once the leaves were dry we glued them to a piece and paper and called it art :)                                             

 That was the last of our craft projects from our Bucket List. We have almost completed our whole list with only four more to do. I enjoy doing the "bucket lists" because it helps keep me accountable for all the neat projects I say I'll do with the boys. They enjoy coming up with new things to try, even if they don't always work the way we plan. Plus it's a great way for us to do things together (especially now that Jordan's reaching the "I'm too cool for my family" stage). You can see which items we have checked off our list here. Once we've finished, we'll start planning a Winter themed bucket list. For those who have also been keeping a Fall Bucket List come share your progress with us on our Facebook page.

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