Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Helping A Fur Ball

Last night a friend of mine had called just before 10 pm and asked for my help, our neighbor had thrown a 4-6 month old kitten out in to the freezing cold. Along with its litter box/carrier, a bag of it's food, and a bag of litter. It had to be about 10 degrees considering the wind chill. Being a kind soul she grabbed up the tiny kitten and brought it in her house. She had it in her bathroom because she has a dog that was excited to play with this little fur ball. She also posted on Facebook that she needed help finding this little girl a safe home. I offered to take it for the night because I only have a cat and could keep the cats separate more easily than she could with her dog.

There's all her stuff
they tossed out with her.
After about 20 minutes and very minimal hissing the cats were use to each other. I allowed the little lady free range of my home instead of keeping her in my bathroom. Otis and her got along extremely well; with the exception of his kitty bed, he wouldn't let her any where near it. I had called my mom to see if she would be interested in the kitten, although I know they would prefer an older cat. I sent pictures and a little bit of guilt her way. I'm waiting to hear back from them after she has a chance to talk it over with my dad. I also contacted my friend who loves all animals, who is willing to take the kitten if my parents decide an older cat would better suit them.

She tried it out while
Otis was napping
This morning the boys were excited to find this tiny girl roaming around. They each took some time to play with her, making sure to play with Otis too so he didn't get jealous. She has been a ball of energy; running through the house, batting around toys Otis has been neglecting, and picking on Otis. I forgot how much fun a kitten can be; while sorting laundry she was swiping at socks and rolling in the laundry.

After finishing the laundry the neighbor who's father threw the kitty out last night came over to ask for her back. Even though it was his cat and his father was the one who tossed her out, there was no way I was going to willing let this poor kitty back in that house. I politely explained this to him and he politely said he understood.

Maybe 10 minutes later I see the police pulling in across the street. I'm thinking your kidding me. He called the police on me. After a quick chat with the officers and explaining what had occurred the night before and that I did not steal his kitten (as he had claimed), they decided that animal control would come and take the little fur ball. One of the officer was concerned that the "owner" of the cat would just get the cat back from animal control and it may end up in worse condition then being thrown outside next time from the father, and went to talk to the young man across the street. I'm pleased to say he made a very mature choice to just turn the cat over to me, because he doesn't want the cat to get hurt by his father. He acknowledged that she was better off with me, plus I had two possible forever homes for her. He even gave me info on her, she is indeed about 5 months old, her name is Missy, she is fixed, and up to date on her shots. However he didn't offer me her paperwork (that would have been nice). At least I know she is safe and won't be going back into the house with those hateful people.
She's such a sweetheart.
*We later learned the father threw the kitten out because it had eaten/chewed up their house plant.

So now we wait to see who will be the lucky people to have her live with them. The boys are hoping Grandma's because they visit there more, but are ok with her going to my friend too (we visit there too). Until they decide, we're going to enjoy her company. She reminds me so much of a cat I had years ago, same kind of personality as well as looks just like he did. Even in sure a short amount of time we have all become very fond of her.