Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flippin' Fun!!

Yesterday there was no school for any of my boys, but that didn't mean they weren't learning. The other day while searching for Jordan's school pictures I found some workbooks the younger two hadn't finished. Jacob worked on a couple pages of math, a bit of writing, and started this week's book report. Joey was thrilled to practice his cursive writing; his classmates have not learned this skill yet and he is discouraged from cursive writing in class until they reach that lesson. He also worked on some multiplication flash cards and read a couple chapters of his book with me. Both younger boys worked on spelling/ vocabulary words and completed some of their cub scout requirements.  Jordan wrote yesterdays blog, so we're counting that as writing homework, spent some time on Khan Academy for math and read some more of our family book. Jacob also constructed a cool shoebox guitar as part of his music assignment. Jordan helped align different thicknesses of rubber bands to they produced low to high sounds like on a real guitar. My boys don't mind "schoolwork" on no school day, they do a lot of supplement work even on school days.

We spent part of the day visiting with friends, by the time we got home it was time for dinner. I forgot how early it get dark out and we weren't able to head out to play. To avoid conflicts that would occur from build up energy, we set about doing something new. The boys made a "soft place" using couch and bed pillows and a couple blankets, and set it up in the middle of the living room. Once making sure all things that could be broken were a safe distance away, we cranked up some music and they put on a tumbling show for me. They flipped around for about an hour.  They were under my watchful eye the whole time, and when they seemed to become tired I had them stop to prevent any injuries. They had an absolute blast, we plan to add this to our rainy day activities.

I really enjoyed reading Jordan's guest post yesterday, if you missed it you can read it here.  He told me he understands now why I complain about them being wild while I'm writing, he knew what he wanted to say until his brothers were being noisy and busy around him and his thought kept derailing. He does have a lot to say and has been working on his writing style, he really enjoyed sharing yesterday. I thought it was interesting to see what he thought to share about me. From looking at the list he compiled of my favorites he knows me pretty well. Also I was able to see, although he does not enjoy losing privileges that he understands why he loses them; that I do it not to be mean but to instill a lesson. I had to snicker when I read how I have even pulled him from practice and/or game, that only happened once and for only half a game; the lesson must have really stuck with him for him to bring it up a year later. It's nice to know he understands I only do things because I think its the best for him and his brothers.