Saturday, November 2, 2013

We Did Nothing Today (mostly)... It Felt GREAT!!

This past week had been a bit busy for us,  we're taking today as a lazy day. Everyone caught up on some needed sleep and overslept therefore waking too late to make it to catechism on time. We were actually double booked for a Saturday morning with catechism and a scouting event. Seems we weren't going to make it to catechism on time we were early to meet with the scouts. Our pack is handing out bags for Scouting for Food, the neighborhood assigned to us gave us just shy of 300 houses. We bent rules a little, our leaders wanted the boys to knock on every door and explain what the bag was for, seeing that all the important information was on the bag we just made sure they were secured to every door handle. It took us just over two hours, we would have been out there all day long if the boys talked to every house. Joey said it was just like trick or treating but backwards, we walked to every house in the cold and rain to leave something instead of getting something. They were doing awesome until Joey got spooked by a HUGE dog jumping at the closed door, after that he was leery about every house that may of had a dog. After we finished we went out for lunch to celebrate a great job done. Next weekend we'll head back to the same neighborhood and collect whatever bags were filled, then the pack leaders will take them to a local pantry.

When we got home I declared a pajamas day and everyone switched back into their jammies. We were chilled to the bone after being in the cold rain (again). Today was a do nothing day (and not feel guilty about it). We played a few board games one of our neighbors had recently given to us. We also played games on the computer and a few on the Xbox; which I'm told I'm getting better at, because now it takes longer for me to lose. By the time it finally stopped raining we were too comfy to go out to play and snuggled up to watch a movie. Oh yeah, and we pigged out on Halloween candy throughout the day.

After a crazy and busy week, we really needed a "chill in our jammies, do nothing day". Tomorrow we'll be productive, and prepare for our week. It feels really good to do nothing and just spend some quality time together after rushing around all week. Sometimes I forget that we are human beings and not human doings, and to stop doing things and just relax and enjoy being with the ones I love.