Friday, November 1, 2013


We marked carve pumpkins off our fall bucket list. The first pumpkin we cut into had mold starting to grow (Gross!), thankfully it wasn't much and it was only the one pumpkin. Joey has never gutted his own pumpkin, its a sensory thing with him; after I cleaned his pumpkin the other boys figured I already had sticky pumpkin mess up to my elbows that I may as well clean theirs our too.  Once we got to the cutting, Jacob had a difficult time with our knives from the kits, he somehow snapped two of them and mangled the blade on another one. Jordan was not happy the way his turned out, it wasn't how he had envisioned the final product. Joey took the longest to complete his pumpkin; his fantastic imagination had him adding many details and as a bonus he created a boat from scrap pumpkin pieces. Jacob did all his carving on his own and was pleased with the outcome. Jacob is still working on making the "faces" proportionate to the size of the pumpkins. They seem to have a theme every year with how they decorate their pumpkins, this year it was toothpicks. Jordan used them to fix an eyeball, Joey added a Mohawk, and Jacob created an unibrow.

Jordan, Joey, William (friend), and Jacob;
ventriloquist dummy, Scream, Ninja, and Black Ninja
Matthew (nephew) was there but wouldn't have his picture taken.
Halloween night we were eating dinner before heading down to Grandma's for trick or treating, I went to toss the pizza in the oven a noticed sausage on it. I had grabbed the meat lovers pizza, we don't eat pork, so a quick chance of plans and it was hot dogs for dinner. We made it to Grandma's as kids were just starting to go door to door. Joey was so excited to finally hook the blood pump up to his mask, and it started leaking fake blood everywhere. We tried rubber banding it in a plastic bag.  A couple quick pictures and we hit the wet streets. At the third or fourth house Joey's mask started dripping again while he had a conversation with the homeowner and we had to ditch the mask. Poor Jordan everyone kept asking him it he was "that one guy from Walking Dead", he finally decided he's just tell them yes he was instead of explaining his costume (we have never seen Walking Dead). Jake was very enthusiastic and raced to each house, Joey on the other hand wanted to talk to everyone at each house. Jordan was a huge help sticking with Jake while I waited for Joey. We only walked two large blocks, but the boys decided they had enough and wanted to be done, time to dry off and warm up. There was a constant drizzle the whole time we were out and we managed to step in a couple deep puddles along the way. The boys did really good considering they were wet and wearing really soggy shoes. When we got back to  Grandma's they dumped out their loot and sorted what was to be swapped with me and what they could eat. My nephew had also been at Grandma's to trick or treat, although we didn't walk with them. My nephew is gluten free and we traded him our dyed candies we can't have for his gluten candies he couldn't eat. My boys were granted one piece of dyed candy if they wanted one (they did), and the rest was handed over. Their swap gifts this year were a pair of nunchucks for each of the younger two and a 3-D puzzle game for Jordan also the Monster U movie for them to share. I give them a bit extra because they turn over the candies and treats they also receive from their class parties. *They were granted one dyed treat during their parties also.