Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slacking Off Saturday

This morning started off a little bumpy. We were suppose to pick up the boys' friends to take to catechism with us while their mom worked at a mom2 mom sale, then they would come back to play for about an hour at our house. We were up and out of the house and went to get our friends who would be with their mom at our old school. We were there at the agreed upon time and didn't see their van, thinking they may have taking a different vehicle to accommodate all the stuff for the sale, we went into the school to search. Almost instantly the assistant principal noticed us and gave us the stink eye while we located our friends table. They weren't there either, so stopped home to grab my phone and check for a missed call or text saying they would be late, no missed calls or texts. Thinking I had misunderstood our arrangement we headed to catechism not wanting to risk being late. Later my friend sent a message and we were able to sort things out and have her boys still come over after catechism, that she had dropped them off at after I had left (somehow we passed in crossing near the church). My boys were excited to have their friends over whom we don't see too often anymore and after a short hour it was time to return them to their mom. We dropped them off at the sale and helped their mom box and load up what was left. She even gave me some clothes that would fit Jake and some to take to my brother for my his son and his girlfriend's son.

Later in the afternoon Jordan had catechism (he only goes once a month) after dropping him off the other boys and I set about searching for some not too dried leaves for two of  our fall bucket list projects. Lack of planning on my part we are doing these projects at the end of the season when most of the leaves are brittle. We had to check a couple parks before we found one with enough leaves still in the trees and on the ground (the park maintenance guys sure are on top of all the fallen leaves around here). While we were searching for the leaves, we were not going to start the project until Jordan was with us. Part of the idea of our bucket list as to do things as a family. We figured we'd just get a jump start on collecting the supplies. Once we thought we had enough leaves the boys took off to race and roll down a hill we usually go sledding on.

When it was time to pick up Jordan, we hung around the church waiting for mass to start. They have a soccer field next to the church so we spent some time playing while we waited. Jacob and I took turns as goalie and practiced our shooting skills, then Joey and I played with a scoop catch game. Jordan decided it was too chilly and sat in the van, I think he just wanted to play on his IPod. (I'm not sure I like this whole teenage I want to hang by myself thing.) It seems this is the easiest way for us to make it to mass, just to hang out on Saturday after Jordan's class.

We actually attend 3 different churches, everyone has a different church they prefer so we alternate which one we go to. Sunday mornings are rough for us because it's the only day we sleep in passed 7:30, and I try to allow the boys to do that (and myself too).

Saturday service at this church works well for us usually, today however after all the fresh air a 5:00 mass was too much for Jake and he slept through 80% of it. Today's mass was a children's mass and after service there was pizza and a craft for the kids. We were unable to stay for the activity because it was a $4 donation per person and I didn't have enough money on me. The nice gentleman looked at us with pity and told us we could just go ahead and stay, I can't stand when we people pity us for not having enough money and thanked him as we left. Joey was sure to voice his disapproval about leaving and carried on all the way out the door about 'how they had food there and he was starving, couldn't we just please stay and get some food, he was so hunger.' I'm thinking great now these people think were poor AND don't have enough food; which is not the case, Joey just really wanted the pizza.

Once we were home and he had a couple turkey hot dogs in his tummy he forgot all about the pizza. We spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the mess from having friends over and just relaxing. We were slacking today and didn't really get much done, but that's what Saturday's are for right :)

We did just complete our sixth week as part of the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge and our total is up to 106 hours now (only 894 more to go). The freezing cold, windy days had us inside more than we had planned, as did Jacob's breathing issues this week.