Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitty Bits

Otis and the kitty
playing just before her
new pet parent came to get her
Last Thursday I wrote about a tiny little fur ball and how she came into our lives. If you missed it you can find it  here.  She was such a little sweetheart and quickly found her way into our hearts. We would have kept her too, but there is a strict one pet policy where we live. (I guess so we don't turn into crazy cat ladies.) The boys gave some thought into exchanging our lovable 5 year old cat Otis for this little ball of energy, who went by the name Missy. Although she stole my heart, I wasn't going to part with my cat, he's family. He's no longer a kitten, but he's my baby.

Within 24 hours, I had two potential families for her, our friend at Homeschool Camper and my parents. While both would give her a great home filled with love, the boys were pushing for Grandma and Papa to take her. If we weren't going to be able to keep her they wanted to be able visit her at least weekly. We'd still get to visit if she went to our friend, but not as often. So her stay at our home was short lived.
She climbed up a tall shelf
and got herself stuck

Little Missy melted my mom's heart, but my dad was still on the fence. He really wanted an older, fat, laid back cat. This kitten didn't have any of those qualities. My mom told him they'd take her for a week and see if she was a good fit. This is a trick that worked for me when I was younger. I'd "pet sit" for a week and everyone would attached and *POOF* a new furry family member. It's almost a fail proof plan, I've never seen it not work.

Seems the kitten came to us late at night, it wasn't until the following day my mom called to see about picking her up. When she called she said, I like Gracie. I think her name should be Gracie. Well, that's it! She named her, it's her's now :) When my mom showed up with the carrier the boys had mixed feeling. They were excited that Grandma was getting a kitten, but upset because they were going to miss the kitty (I told you, we got attached quickly). You know she's going to a good home, when my mom buckled the carrier in with the seatbelt. We just put our cat (in the carrier) on the floor of the van, locked between one of the boys' feet. I never thought about buckling him up.

This past weekend when we went to visit my parent's the boys (ok, me too) were excited to see Gracie. I'm glad she's living there and not here, her paws barely touched the floor while we were there. We kept picking her up to love on her and because she's just so cute and so tiny. She is adjusted quickly to her new home and acts like she's always lived there. She's got herself a kitty bed, and a abundance of toys. With all of her kitty cuteness, Gracie now has my dad on board. She has a new name, new family, and a new forever home.

Side note: Since the kitten had been at our house my boys seem to remember that we have a cat and Otis has been getting a lot more attention from them.

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