Thursday, November 21, 2013

Precious Memories

This isn't really my thing, but today I'm doing a "Throw Back Thursday". I finished cleaning the boys' room and the house is completely ready for our fresh start to get everyone back on track. I started working on the scrapbooks that are in need of some serious updating and got distracted by just how adorable my boys are. Today I'm sharing a handful of memories from when they were younger and before they started posing every time they seen a camera.

Enjoy :)

Joey and Jacob
3 years & 23 months

Blankie Brothers

These two were the only ones who had to have a "Lovey" that they carted with them everywhere. They had similar blankets except for the tiny picture on one of the corners, but they could some how always just know which one was theirs. Here they are sporting their new bathrobes Grandma had just made for them.

20 months

Trouble Maker

When Jordan was really young he was very adventurous. If there was a way to climb up something or ride on something, he would give it a go. This picture was a common thing with him. All those toys were neatly lined on the shelves, he would toss them onto the floor and clamber up then holler for help to get back down.

20 months

Sudsy Fun

This is a rare photo, Joey didn't like his hair wet. While he didn't like water near his hair wet, he loved playing with bubbles in his bath. There was no way to get this one out of the tub until after his little fingers and toes were all wrinkly.

10 months

Santa Baby

Poor Jacob, as my last baby usually got stuck wearing the goofy theme outfits, but they were just too cute not have one of my boys wear them. His 1/2 inch of fuzzy hair always seemed to add the outfit. I'm sure when he's older he'll question why would I did this to him :)

Exploring Nature

I try to get my boys outside and encouraged them to explore. Sometimes things got a bit messes and other times they would take the time to smell the flowers.

Left: Jacob (16 mos)
Right: Joey (3 yrs)

Lil' Cowboys

I didn't even realize how similar these picture were until I uploaded, they we taken about 2 years apart. The one of Jordan (28 mos) was taken on our first visit to Missouri and Joey's (14 mos) was taken in Michigan at the fair.


We spend a lot of time goofing around and being silly. There is no better sound than that of laughter.

Left: Jacob (3 yrs)
Right: Jordan (3 yrs)

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