Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why I Love Being A Single Mom With Sons!!

I'm linking up to weird unsocialized homeschoolers for List It! {Tuesday} through my friend at Homeschool Camper . Being a single parent definitely has it's challenges. I never expected to be a single parent, but it does have some unexpected perks. If our family dynamics were different it would have shaped us differently; I love the people we are not in spite of my being a single mom and having 3 sons, but because of it. Here are my 5 reasons I absolutely love being a single mom learning life with 3 sons.

I'm the Boss!
I'm the one who decides on what form of discipline is used with my children. My boys can't turn to dad when they don't like the answer I give. I don't have to check with anyone else's schedule if we chose spur of the moment to go do something or play hooky from school. I get to solely monitor what they are exposed to (scary movies, snacks, etc). I have no need to argue my point of view with anyone else; like switching schools, having my child repeat a grade, or no dyes.

I get to do "boy stuff"
 I love that I get to check out frogs and bugs, build forts,  play in the dirt and get grass stains, and just  enjoy things in nature. I have worked on getting over my aversion to unhooking a fish from a line. I get to discover things with them, build fires, and of course break stuff...um... I mean take things apart ;) I'm learning about sports, the correct way to throw a football, how to kick a soccer ball without breaking my toes, also which sport teams to cheer for. I get to check out "Sweet Cars" and learn what makes them so sweet. They get to teach me so many neat things. I get to show them that girls can enjoy these things too.

I get to teach them 
I teach them math, reading, writing, but they also learn so much more.  They learn to accept both their aggressive and sensitive sides and to balance between the two. Joey use to have a baby doll he would have me watch while he "got "the bad guys. I have shown them how to cook, they can cook as well as I, sometimes better (Jordan can make some killer chocolate chip cookies). I teach them to craft, while a dad could teach them to draw/sketch I have shown them the fun of crocheting and cross-stitching (and soon latch hook). My boys make key chains and rubber band bracelets. They have learned to budget and stretch a dollar. I have 3 pros at couponing and sale/clearance shopping.

There is always something going on
My boys are high energy and always doing something and love to include me in their activity. They are full of surprises, granted not always good ones. I have walked through many battlefields that have been set up throughout the living room. We celebrate successful experiments and scrub up the unsuccessful ones. I have stepped on Legos and Hot Wheels countless time. Someone is usually up in a tree, racing on bikes, or flipping off the couch. They present me with unlimited opportunities to test my parenting skills (and my limited nursing abilities).

I don't have to share them
All the hugs are MINE!! Okay they share those with others also, but I get the most. I'm the person they run to share good news or accomplishments with. I'm the person they turn to when they are frustrated or upset. I'm the one they cuddle next to during family movies. My boys seek advice from me before anyone else about big or little things. I get all the credit for their upbringing and the wonderful young men they are growing into; okay, they get credit for that too :)

I can't provide them with a lot of the material stuff their friends have. I give them what I do have; love, laughter, understanding, an ear that listens, a shoulder to cry on, and a mom that that is always there for them. I can give them memories and strive to give them a happy childhood to look back on. I wouldn't trade my days as a single mother with my boys for anything. While things can be loud and chaotic, it works for us.

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