Sunday, November 3, 2013

Taking Advantage of Our Extra Hour

Day light savings time worked to our advantage and we made it to church. They redid the children's ministries and the children were asked to fill out a paper about themselves, after church Jacob shared his with me. He totally made my day when I got to near the bottom and read the his favorite role model is mom. My heart swelled with pride, I guess I must be doing something right when it comes to raising my boys.

Sundays we usually spend the day at the grandparents and I get caught up on our laundry. On the way down to their house Jordan read some more of our family book, we're almost finished with it. We spent majority of the day outside soaking up the sunlight. Joey got out the stilts that Papa made for the boys a couple years ago. After practicing for a bit he finally can walk on them. He can even get on them without leaning against something, before we left he was able to walk a good distance on them and could even walk a couple steps backwards. Jacob played soccer most of the day. Jordan and Joey started another bonfire around 2:30 and it was still hot after dinner and we marked bonfire and smores off our bucket list. Joey made toast using a camping pie iron, since he doesn't eat marshmallows (it's a texture thing). They sure know how to build a good fire, finally had to douse it at 7:45.  Jordan also tried his hand at being a blacksmith while tending to the fire by heating a piece of metal and banging it with a hammer into a shape he like.

I have been lacking with keeping everyone updated on how we have been doing with our 1000 Hours Outdoors. While I have not been posting we have been keeping track. Yesterday ended our 4th week into the challenge and we have accumulated 79 hours and 45 minutes outside. Not too shabby for how chilly the weather has been, and today we added another six and a half hours.

All in all, a nice end to our easy going laid back weekend. How did everyone else weekend go?