Friday, November 8, 2013

First Time Trying Out

For the past three days we have been anxiously waiting to find out if Jordan would make the basketball at his new school. He is very passionate about playing basketball and has been looking forward to this opportunity for a couple reasons. 1) He loves the sport and wants to play for his school. 2) Being new to the school not many people know him and this will make more students aware he's there. 3) He likes to belong to a group; being part of something big. 4) He helps keep him accountable for his grades. It's one thing to disappoint mom with a bad grade, but to disappoint his coach and team members carries a bit more weight for him.

At our old school, anyone who paid to play was automatically on the team; he actually had to try out to  make the team this year. For the past three nights he has gone and worked his butt off along side over 60 other young men. The first night there were no cuts, I was grateful no one had to be cut after just one day. Last night a few didn't make the cut including one of Jordan's buddies. Tonight was the big night, we would learn with he had what it took to make the team.

I was a bit concerned that he may not have been at the top of his game, since he hasn't really even touched a basketball in almost 10 months. He hadn't been running his drills all summer long like he usually did and kind of got lazy over the summer. I knew he had the knowledge of the game and a bit of natural talent. I just wasn't sure physically he would be able to show them what he is capable of. *Every night he has come home and rubbed Icy Hot on the muscle he had been neglecting.

Jordan was a pretty certain he would make the team, however his grades so far this year aren't as good as they could be. Report cards came home today (the day of the last cuts) and the coach wanted to see them at try outs. While his grades aren't what I expect of him, they aren't really bad. Jordan was worried that having one "D+", may keep him from making the team.

I would love to say there was never a doubt in my mind that he would make the team. There were so many other kids trying out and I had no clue what skills they had so I could make a comparison. The try outs were closed to parents and spectators, which was really hard not to watch to see how my kid was doing, to know if he needed any extra encouragement. It was all up to Jordan and the effort he put into it.

I am very proud to report I will be a Basketball Mom again this year, Jordan made the team!! I think the best part is this year he was not just given a spot on the team, he had to earn it. He was able to show that he deserve his place with the other 14 young men. He did it all on his own; I wanted to be there and help point out anything that would help him; but he didn't need me. I'm over the moon excited for him, and loving watching him relish in pride of a job well done.

Extra bonus for me- all his practices and game days work perfectly into our already busy schedule.