Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Another Weekend

That's a hot water bottle he
 is blowing up, until it exploded
We've had a busy weekend; after spending some time raking and playing in the leaves went spent a little bit at home before it was time to head to a church down the street to an event our cousin invited us to. This was a really neat event called STAND Strength Team (visit there Facebook page here)  where we not only heard the testimonies of a few of these guys but they put on a show of strength. We got to see them rip phonebooks in half, bend metal using their TEETH, break concrete, break baseball bats. One guy even leg pressed a basket with  4 children, then 4 teenager, then 5 adults. The boys had a blast and it was very entertaining to watch. After the show we able to meet the performers and have our posters signed. We had seen a similar show put on by Team Impact (visit their Facebook page here) at our own church back in May.

My Poor Baby
Today I had a baby shower to attend for a cousin of mine and the boys were excited to be spending a few hours with Papa. Papa brought out our mini air hockey (useful for keeping boredom at bay on cold and wind days) and Joey's stilts. While I was catching up with family members that I don't see nearly enough, I thought the boys would be out and about doing "guy things" with Papa. When I got home I learned Papa have a couple fun things planned but ended up just hanging around the house because Jacob wasn't feeling well. Kind of a bummer for all of them, but they still enjoyed having Papa come hang with them are our house.

It's not as easy as you'd think
The rest of today is going to be pretty low key. Joey is playing with some neighborhood friends outside, attempting to teach them the useful skill of walking on stilts. Jordan has his IPod charger he left at Papa's and now is being antisocial and spending some alone time hanging in his room. Poor Jacob is zonked out fighting a nasty cold and a 100.8 fever. I'll probably read some more of one of my many books I have going and enjoy the "nice" weather. Looks like it's only going to get chillier for here on out.