Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Yay, another full moon! Which means my kiddos are going to be more out of wack. Actually things have been crazy around here since the last full moon. Slowly my boys have being acting like they are losing their mind and they're taking mine with them. Our house usually runs smoothly, especially with the routines that have been set in place for as long as I can remember. Since the beginning of the school year we have been stumbling to climb over all the bumps thrown into our normal schedule. First we had to get used to the new school schedule with a later release time, that pushed us back an hour a day. Once we refigured our routine we threw in scout meetings twice a week plus catechism. We handled it and established a new system, until recently with the addition of basketball practice five days a week (with a variety of practice times). No wonder we all feel lost, overwhelmed, and disorganized. Within three months we've changed things up so many times.
I rely on our routine as much as the boys do. I like things orderly and organized. Lately we haven't been able to get a tight grip on those things, and it's effecting the whole house. Last night while sipping on my congratulatory glass of wine for making it through an interesting high energy day; I thought we need a fresh start. Just moving things around isn't working.  We just need to start over. A clean slate. Then started making my list for a home makeover (kind of).
Once all the boys were at school I started setting my plan in action. I started with taking down the house rules and lists of daily reminders. I figured if I was going for a fresh start I may as do a  thorough job of it. I started with the kitchen, re-organizing the cupboards and panty, washed up the stove and fridge,then pulled them out (how does so much stuff accumulate under there), and scrubbed the floors and wiped down all the walls and countertops. While everything in there was drying I tackled a complete scrub down of the bathrooms and all the downstairs walls. During a lunch break, I rewrote all our reminder lists and the house rules on different paper and hung them in a different place also rearranged the kitchen furniture. Then moved on to the living room where I dusted and vacuumed every nook and cranny. Every fingerprint is off all the windows and mirrors (that will last until the boys get home).
Now I'm exhausted and feeling very accomplished. Everything looks fresh, new, and organized. I can feel my sanity returning, and feel as though we can get ourselves back on track. As I had hoped they were excited by the small changes I had made. During dinner the boys and I sat down and went over the routine and the few changes to the house rules as well as the consequences. They asked to start doing the "Caught being Good Wheel" again. We haven't done this for over a year, they can earn a spin on the wheel for behaving exceptionally well. The "prizes " are simple things like play a game with mom, extra reading time before bed, etc. The atmosphere in the house is different, everything is shiny and scented candles are filling the air with calming fragrances. Everyone seems eager and ready to be back on track. 
*Jordan had practice today, but he and I talked while we did our mile walk after school. I made sure included his thoughts when I talked with the other boys during dinner.

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