Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 * My boys didn't have school today and Jordan thought he'd like to give blogging a try. So here is his un-edited guest post. I guess its fair that he blogs about me since I write about him all the time.

So my mom is always blogging about me so she decided to let me say a few words about her. First off she looks out for me, but sometimes I think she is being a little to protective. She and I both know that if I do something wrong I have to learn a lesson so when basketball starts she makes me miss a practice or a game depending on what I do. other times (and I think this is her favorite punishment) we lose a game or TV. I got an I pod for Christmas last year and I have been loosing that a lot. Its my favorite appliance so I loose it more than other stuff. I know that she means well but I would rather lose TV or the Xbox instead.

my moms favorite:

color: green

food: anything she doesn't have to cook (or Mexican)

animal: frog

kid: me of course

hobby: blogging, scrapbook, cross stich, crochet, and crafts

movie: the host, twilight trilogy, the atoms family

book: the host, twilight trilogy

book writer: Stephaney Meyers

saint: St. Anthony (she looses stuff a lot)

TV show: greys anatomy, biggest looser, switched at birth

superhero: superman because he was born with his powers

sport: basketball

I'm not 100% sure on all of these but I'm sure most of them :)

My mom is also a basketball fan. I was the water boy at my old school and I got to practice with he varsity team so she started to find a love for the sport. she is always coming up with new ideas for us to do as a family and for us by our self. she is always trying to get me to write a lot because I'm not very good at it (again she is looking out for me) and I'm good at coming up with ideas and I have A LOT to say I just cant make it flow so she try's to help me with that. she is just all around looking out for my good. she also does all of  this stuff for my brothers to so don't think I'm her only concern because I'm not, she loves us all the same.

It's neat to see what he knows about me and what he thought to share about me.