Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy B's

School supply list are already being send out, it's making us feel like were running out of summertime. Only a month left to finish the second half of our list. I'm confident that will be able to reach our goal of completing our whole bucket list. Especially if we keep up the pace we have completing them. So here is what we did over the weekend...
Watermelon eating contest with one of the sweetest and juiciest watermelon I've had all year. You'll notice that Joey didn't even take a bite of his, but he did sit and pose for the picture. That kid really doesn't like fruit, now if it were a corn on the cob eating contest he would have been all over it. Hmm...corn eating contest, I may have to add that to the list. Jacob has love watermelon since he was a itty bitty, so it didn't surprise me when he was the winner. Jordan was sure he had the win in the bag, it was close but Jacob won by 3 or 4 bites.
It was a watermelon themed day, because after our eating contest (and snack of a couple more pieces of watermelon) we headed out to spit the seeds. Now I wanted to make sure things were done precisely right. So I picked out the seeds from to insure they hadn't been near anyone's mouths. Placed the in a shallow bowl with some water so they wouldn't dry out making them more difficult to spit out. I grabbed the sidewalk chalk and measuring tape and off we went. After marking off up to 13 feet, the boys took turns spitting the seeds. Jacob's furthest one was 6 feet, Joey's was almost 8 feet, and Jordan made it past the 13 foot marker. Jordan was trying to teach Jacob different techniques to try to get better distance.
We went back to the neighborhood I began my childhood in for some Dairy Queen ice cream. Now there is many ice cream places between our house and one we went to, but that one always has the best ice cream. It's ice cream filled with memories of my childhood sitting at the same picnic tables eating ice cream with my parents. I want my boys to taste ice cream that is also full of memories they'll want to share with their children years later. Over the years we have frequented there often sometimes with my parents. Then after we're good and sticky we drive past my old house, I point out my old bedroom and comment on how different it looks. My boys could probably tell you how to get to my old house from the Dairy Queen, also tell you where my friends lived and where my grandparents lived and how often I use to visit my grandparents who lived only a couple streets over. It's all about passing on our legacy and those little bonding moments. So our visit to the Dairy Queen is about more than vanilla dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, and my boys loved both the ice cream and my sharing of memories.
The other night we had a going away bonfire for one of our neighbors. The boys were thrilled to up and outside so late (even though it's summer, there's still a bedtime so I can get some quiet time). Although we didn't stay out for long, they had fun cooking s'mores and laughing with the neighbors. Joey was bummed because he doesn't like marshmallows (go figure), so no one would give him any because he never eats them and I was plum out of hot dogs for him to roast.
The following day our church was having a barbeque picnic, with so many cool things for the kids. The first thing we did was get out faces painted (not the best idea, they sweated half of them off within the hour). Then they were off to the bounce houses and rock wall, I couldn't even tell you how much junk they ate. That same night our little village was having their fireworks. I got lucky and snapped the picture while a firework was going off to provide enough light to be able to document this activity . The boys laid on our blanket and snuggled in next to me. I love moments like that, when they are laying so close that my arm or leg goes numb just because they want to be close to me.