Monday, July 8, 2013

Breezing through our bucket list

 We have been breezing through our summer list. Although our bowling trip didn't go as planned and we'll probably try it again; we haven't had any issues with the ones since then. We have been doing more than one activity per day, it's just the way it has worked out. We had a family picnic, nothing
fancy just subs, chips and juice boxes. We had stopped for lunch and there wasn't much seating at the fast food restaurant so we stopped at a nearby park to enjoy our meal. We had planned to stay and play after we finished our lunch picnic, but the grounds crew at the park had different plans. Shortly after laying out our blanket, they had started up the lawn mowers. We finished just before they got over by where we settled.
  We also celebrated our Un-birthday party the day after Joey's birthday. With minor adjustments to the birthday decorations that were up for Joey's birthday and left over birthday cake and ice cream. We enjoyed a pizza dinner, ate cake and ice cream, had our dance party. We did a couple hip hop line dances and showed off our own crazy dance moves.
    Monster's University is one of new movies the boys wanted to see on the big screen this summer. We met up with some friends to check this one off our list. They are eagerly waiting to return to see Despicable Me 2 and still want to see Epic.
  When we originally put treasure hunt on our list, we had planned on doing our homemade one. We have done these in the past where I hide clues that lead to the next clue throughout our home for the boys follow to find a "treasure" or treat at the end. We took a different approach this time and tried our hand at Geocaching.  There are a couple caches within walking distance of our home. Although not exactly what the boys thought it would be like, they really liked searching for them anyways. We had micro ones so there weren't treasure to find inside. We have gone "caching" a couple times since then, and the boys are getting really good at locating the hidden containers.
  Doesn't it seems that the barbeque runs out of propane at the most inconvenient times. We had a busy day so we were late getting dinner
started and the propane quit on us. We improvised (we're really good at improvising) and dug out our little charcoal grill. It took longer to make dinner, but the boys were able to roast hot dogs on sticks. Since we had hot coals from the hot dogs we figured it was the perfect time for S'mores.
  We don't do foods that contain artificial food dyes, so it's been awhile since my boys have had ice cream from the ice cream truck (also I don't like paying $2.75 for one popsicle). So being allowed to chase down the ice cream man for a treat was a really special treat. They were excited about their ice creams, but didn't enjoy them as much as they thought they would. I have to admit I tasted Joey's after he decided he didn't want it. To me it didn't really have any real flavor. Grateful for the opportunity to get ice cream from the truck, but not one they think they need to do again anytime soon.