Friday, July 19, 2013

Halfway through our bucket list

  We've so busy enjoying our summer and flying through our bucket list, I'm finding it hard to keep everyone updated. We've had a lot of nights we've been getting in late and I'm just too exhausted to write, in the mornings we're up and moving nonstop. So here's what we've been up to.
   I'm funny about going out in public in my pajamas. I know many people do this all the time, but I'm the type that will change back into my day clothes to take the garbage out at night. That said, completing our bucket list item of go out to breakfast in our PJ's was hard for me. We did it though, the boys were more excited about it than I was. I changed out of what I wore to bed into what I viewed as  pajamas that could pass as  workout clothes. Luck was on my side and the restaurant near our home was closed for remodeling and we had to go to the next town over. We had planned on having a sit down meal, but were unable to find an open restaurant (must be the time of the year for restaurant remodels), we ended up eating in at a McDonald's. The boys were thrilled that Mickey D's served breakfast, they've never had a reason to eat out that early.
A little while back Joey and I had assembled our sponge bombs but the weather hadn't been warm enough to enjoy them. We met up with some friends to catch up and for our boys to play. We brought our sponge bombs and our friends got out there sprinkler and some water balls. The boys were divided into to teams, after a brief water war we redevised the teams. Jordan has a really good arm and doesn't use much restraint in the heat of the moment. To make things more fair it was the four boys vs. Jordan. That seemed to work until Jordan couldn't keep up with throwing the sponge bombs back fast enough :) All the boys had fun playing in the water together and enjoying each others company.
Our pie eating contest was interesting to say the least. Jordan and Jacob wanted a Lemon Meringue pie, but Joey said he would only participate if we got an apple pie that its the only pie he likes. We got the apple pie; after the first couple of bites Joey remembered he doesn't like apple pie after all and forfeited. Turns out he only likes pumpkin pie, I should have seen that one coming. Although he forfeited he had a good laugh watching his brothers scarf down their pie. Jordan was our winner with Jacob in a close second. After our contest we all enjoyed another piece at a slower pace so they could actually taste it :)
For our game of charades everyone wrote out five things to be acted out. We had some really interesting ones to try to guess. Poor Jordan had to try to act out a mat. Jacob became a little frustrated because he was too good at acting his out and we guessed them too quickly. I had the pleasure of watching Jordan act out being me, the card he drew was MOM; the other boys guessed it right away. We ended up playing a couple rounds of charades.