Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day at the Beach

   The weather has finally warmed up enough to really start feeling like summer, and we have been taking advantage of it. We were able to check off visiting 3 Metro parks when we visited the beach the other day. We had made a day of it and kept busy doing many activities that are on our summer list. One of our favorites is visiting the nature center so we went there first. It was neat to compare it to the one Jordan has been volunteering at. Jordan talked one of the employees into letting him help cleaning one of the turtle tanks and placing the turtles back in it after it was clean. They even allowed him to take out one of the snakes and handle it. There were some cool things there that we don't have at the other nature center. After the nature center we played some croquet , then unloaded the bikes and rode the 3 miles to Mickey D's for dinner. After riding the 3 miles back to the beach the boys switched into their swimsuit while I figured out how to get all four bikes back on the rack. They spent about 45 minutes running through the splash pad before the park shut the water off. Another quick change of clothes then a quiet walk down the boardwalk to check out the boat before we headed to the playground for bit, also tried to play shuffleboard. The only thing we didn't so at the beach was go to the beach.
   Early Saturday morning we were up and headed out the to see what their surprise craft was at Home Depot that had to do with Despicable Me 2. I was kind of disappointed when we got there that Matthew wasn't with us for this one. They made little cars that included sticker of the minions to stick to it. My boys had a good time assembling them, we even stayed to paint them this time. 
   The next day we had plans with friends to go to a small beach near our neighborhood where we checked off more of our summer activities. Although the boys had already been swimming we decided that we were going to mark of "go swimming" because mom finally got into the water. I dug a nice size hole that the boys happily hopped into so I could bury them. We attempted to make our sandcastle, but weren't able to stack them and made more of a sand city. We did a lot of swimming and got a lot of sun, we all have a sunburn to some degree. It was a nice day spend with friends and the kids had fun playing with their friends.
  The wrote our letters to family members and informed them of all the fun things we have done so far this summer. I had the boys address their own envelopes, which I was really taken aback that they couldn't remember how. All my kids even my youngest can tell me how to send an email, IM, or text, but none of them know where to write the address to the person they were sending the letter to. We will have to start sending more letters to people through snail mail. I believe this is a life skill they should know especially my oldest that is going into 7th grade.
    Last night we marked off one of my favorite list items, the boys prepared dinner (with supervision). We had a lovely meal of eggs made my Jordan, Joey microwaved some turkey bacon for us, and Jacob manned the toaster and buttering of the toast. They were all very proud of themselves for their contribution to dinner. A meal as fine as the one the boys created deserved to be eaten by candle light. So they rounded up what candles the could reach (some of them scented) and added them to the dinner table. I have three very talented chefs, and look forward to teaching them more meals the can help cook.
We have a few more bucket list activities planned for this week. We have completed 36 so far this summer. I think we are keeping a nice pace and should have enough to reach to the end of summer.