Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Helping hands

Our second attempt at volunteering went a lot better. The boys were really excited to help with filling the backpacks. They quickly fell into a pattern to efficiently fill the packs. Jordan filled the pencil boxes with some of the small supplies, pencils, sharpners, scissors, etc. Joey put in notebooks, a ruler, and folders. Jake checked to make sure everything was in them before moving them to the finished pile. They were able to fill all the backpacks that were available which was 60+. 
After taking a lunch break they wanted to go back and complete more. During our break time the people from the pantry went shopping for more packs. The boys made quick work of most of those packs too. They also prepped the supplies so that after a dinner break they can come back to help with more of the filling. It became too late in the evening to return, the boys are hopeful that we will receive a call tomorrow inviting them back. There is still some more work to be done, they would like to see this project through.
They really enjoyed helping out. This was a perfect volunteering opportunity for our family. I'm so thankful that we're able to get connected with the right people and participate with the project. This has also sparked their interest and they are looking forward to future volunteering chances.

We also had helpful hands pet sitting for a friend that is out of town for a couple days. They have gotten a taste of what it is like to take care of a dog. They have had to make sure they wake up early enough to head over and let the dog out and to feed him. Also stop by during the day to let him back out, and again at night to feed him and let him out again. They like that the dog was excited to see them (our cat could care less about when we're home and when we're not).