Friday, August 16, 2013

Lazy Day - Bucketlist activities

With the very unlike August weather we have been having we spend the whole day indoors, and managed to mark off three bucket list items. I wish we could more summer weather, but with the cooler temperatures I don't feel as guilty hanging out inside all day; at least we had things to keep us busy.

With the temperature only in the high sixties we stayed snuggly warm in our pj's all day. It was a great day to be lazy and recuperate after a busy weekend of holding a garage sale and camping. Everyone slept in late then lounged around in in jammies watching movies and playing video games. Until I couldn't sit still any longer watching them overload on screen time. We broke out all our less than 200 pieces puzzles and put them together to see if any still had all their pieces (they didn't).

Later that evening we broke out the snacks and a deck of cards. We played many rounds of "trash", one of their favorite card games. I almost never win cards verses the kids, but for some reason I managed to hold me lead and win. The boys say its because Jordan taught me how to cheat and that's how I won. Ha Ha, mom doesn't cheat (not unless its let one of the kids wins). Our game took longer to complete them we had thought, so we are planning another card night soon. We had hoped to play trash, war, and king's corner.