Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tough Conversations

We have been working hard on our summer bucket list, we're getting close to completing our list just over 25 left. We've had so much fun doing the activities and have been focusing on finishing our list. So last light when I heard my youngest crying at bedtime, I was concerned.

All the fun we have been having had him thinking about his father and his daddy not being here to enjoy our activities. His father had passed when he was only a few months old, and he's never known him. occasionally he misses him, he has only ever known life with mom and his brothers. We had a very heart felt talk about how daddy watches us through the holes in the floor of heaven and how he can talk to his daddy whenever he wants and he'll hear him.

Talking about his daddy not being here had also brought about worries of losing another family member. Both of my younger ones were very upset that one day everyone will die. They expressed that they want everyone in our family to live forever because they don't want our family seperated. That they would miss us and wanted us to stay forever to do fun stuff with them. I did reassure them that I plan to live a very long time, as do Papa and Grandma.

I wish I could tell them that of course we'll live forever, but I won't lie to my boys. I wish I could tell them that only really sick or really old people die, but they know that's not true. They know that my brother passed when he was young and J3's daddy was in good healthy when he died.

Mortality is a tough subject even for adults. Its heart breaking to see my little guys try and understand it and to have the worries so heavy upon their little hearts. Although its common for children their age to have concerns about death even when death has no affected their lives.

How do you help you children deal with sure a tough topic? What books are videos did you share with them?