Sunday, August 25, 2013

3 Ring Circus

So times I feel like I live in circus, today that was pretty close to a reality (but in a good way). We went to a Touch a Truck event. We have been to this event the past couple years and loved it. I wasn't really impressed with the limited numbers of trucks that were there. We however checked out the petting farm and exotic animals, where we met up with some of our friends from our neighborhood. There was a tent set up for Macomb Children's Hands-on museum, the kids did a couple neat experiments and took a closer look at some creepy critters. The museum isn't built yet, but they were getting word out about it, and raising funds for the build. (I'm excited to have a Hand-on museum closer to where we live). They also had a short circus act. Before the act the kids had a chance to try out some of the equipment. They were determined to stay upright on the unicycle; Jordan did really good, but didn't quiet manage it. Jacob liked the tightrope and after several attempts could make it also halfway. Joey floated between all the activities. being a big kid myself, of course I tried to do all the stuff the boys did; just not as gracefully. We all tried out the bike with the giant wheels. While a guy helped the boys navigate their way, he gave me instructions and sent me out on my own. It was a lot harder to pedal when you are not situated with the pedals beneath you and steering was confusing until you got the hang of it. We watched the act and if course they made it all look extremely easy. We grabbed an elephant ear (that we didn't get to have at the fair) and were headed home. Almost to the van, we stopped to watch the pig races. It was so crowded near the pig race track, that only the younger two were able to wiggle their way close enough to see anything. From what the kids told me it was so cool, they got to watch the pigs swim in the 3rd race.
After a couple hours of fun at the event it was back to Grandma and Papa's to run through the sprinkler and jump in the pool. They are trying to get in as much swimming as they can before it is time to close down the pool. They're in the freezing cold water with purple lips saying that the thermometer says 80 degrees, so they're good to swim