Friday, August 2, 2013

Out &About

With the school year quickly approaching we have a limited number of nights left for the boys to stay up late before having to start getting in the habit of earlier bedtimes. We had a mini movie marathon and stayed up late watching movies. Choosing the three Chipmunk movies, might have not been the best choice; the younger two get up and dance during every song (and to the music during the credits), so they were pretty wired by the end of the third movie. Add to that the snacks they had during each movie, a different snack for each movie popcorn, dye free Gummy Tummies, and dye free Sundrop candies (they're like m&m's); I'm glad they were dye free otherwise trying to get them to actually sleep would have taken hours.

We had planned to complete blow bubbles while we were watching the sunset over the water at the park, because it would have looked so cool. Instead we headed to a nearby field and blew bubbles until someone dumped most of their bubbles. You know its going to happen, and that it will be a complete accident, but someone always spills the bubbles (when I was a kids that someone was me).

Later that evening we headed back up to the field to see if we could catch fireflies. I tried to get picture, but by the time we got out there it was to dark for pictures. Jacob really liked seeing hundreds of fireflies blinking amongst the trees that surround the field. Jordan was the first to catch a firefly, actually he caught two. Joey didn't catch any, but not from lack of trying. Jacob caught his while it was walking on the ground. We would have stayed out and caught more, but we weren't the only ones out there. There were 3 or 4 bats that were swooping down pretty close to us trying to catch their own bugs. Jacob and Joey decided we should just let the bats have the bugs before we ended up getting a bat tangled in mom's hair. The boys named their fireflies Jacob called his Jacob Junior and when he released it, it wouldn't fly away it just kept walk around on his hand. Jordan named his Peanut butter and Jelly, while releasing them only one flew out of the jar. Joey quickly captured it and was very excited that he had caught one, he called it Flick.

It was a really rainy day and Jacob and Joey were disappointed they couldn't play on the playground while Jordan worked the nature center. We walked the nature path to keep them busy, using the trees to help shelter use from the constant drizzle. Along the way I took pictures in preparation for our upcoming picture scavenger hunt. Also we hung out at the nature center for a bit and the boys  talked another volunteer into ducking down behind furniture and being part of their play they preformed for me. Normally I don't like spending time at the nature center while Jordan is working. It makes him nervous and feel like we're watching his every move and the boys ended up following him around most of the time. Thankfully this time Jordan was in another part of the center while we were there. As the boys practiced for their puppet show I took more  pictures for our scavenger hunt. On our way back to the car we started a game of tag, we had to end our game after about a half hour because we were starting to get really wet from playing in the rain. Instead of heading straight home we did a couple Geocaches. It seemed that while we were driving it would stop raining, but as soon as we got out to search for our cache it would start again. Eventually it started raining too heavily to continue. So we hunkered down in the van and ate pizza while we waited for the storm clouds to pass before heading home.