Monday, August 26, 2013

A Day with Good Company

Yesterday was Jordan's last day volunteering at the nature center at one of our metro parks. He loves helping out there and is going to reapply for next summer. He would have continued through the school year, but I want him to focus on his school work.
While we were out that way we had made plans to meet up with some friends that the boys won't be seeing at school anymore. We met at the nature center and they got to see Jordan doing his thing showing the critters to everyone. Our friends did a picture scavenger hunt while we were there, then we walked the half mile nature trail. While on the trail my boys tried their hand at photography by taking pictures of things in nature that were interesting to them. I limited them to 10 pictures so they had to be choosey about what you wanted to capture. We headed over near the newest playground to set up for our barbeque, due to it being such a lovely day it was too crowded. We found a small picnic grove a little ways down, where we had the whole area to ourselves. The boys played Frisbee, catch, and just ran around while they waited for our meats to cook. An extra bonus was that my boys friends' dad was there and the absolutely adore him. Jordan likes that he can joke around and rough house with him, he won't get into trouble for being too rough (or snotty). After dinner the kids made s'mores, then we headed back to the playground. It was starting to get later and we thought we head over by the boats to watch the sun set over the water. As we rounded up kids, we had just missed the sun on the horizon. Now with the sun down it was time to pack up and head home.
It was a wonderful day spent outdoors with great company. Although we won't get to see our friends as often now that my boys are going to a different school, we'll still make a point for more get-togethers like we had yesterday.