Friday, August 9, 2013

Mom2mom/Garage sale

I finally got around to holding a sale, it's been over 3 years since I've had one. It can be hard to find the time to go through the boxes of clothes and memories of when my boys were younger and harder to find the time to dedicate a whole weekend to sit around to sell the clothes they looked so sweet and adorable in. As part of our bucket list, we chose have a garage sale as one of our activities; therefor making a point to allow my parents to reclaim their basement and sell off the clothes that the boys had long since out grown.

It has taken us over a week to sort through everything and decide on prices. The boys have been a huge help from sorting toys, scrubbing down outside toys to sell; clearing out some of their less used toys from their rooms to helping move tables.

Today was our first day of sales, and everything went pretty smoothly. Everyone woke up earlier enough to head down to grandma's (where we are holding our sale) and they were exceptionally good about keeping themselves entertained and out of the way when customers were present. J2 was so proud of himself for earning a dollar tip for helping a couple carry some larger items to their car (that was within my eyesight and running distance). They even took turns (somewhat) manning their table of 25 and 50 cent toys. The deal was whatever they chose to sell from the toy boxes that they could keep the money they earned, either to split amongst the 3 of them or to use for an outing as a family. They are torn between a new Xbox game and going to a the go-cart place. There is still a couple more days of selling before they can make the chose based on what they earn.

The boys have money on their brains now, due to our garage/mom2mom sale. They want to make sure they earn enough money to do something cool. After we cleared the tables away they got to work helping out Grandma and Papa to earn some cash. J1 and J2 cut the grass and did some gardening.