Monday, August 26, 2013

That's How We Roll.......When We Can't Skate

Today's plan was to head down to the skating rink and spend a couple hours there, then head over to Grandma's for a quick dip in pool and a cup of coffee for me. The boys were looking forward to spending a few hours skating in circles. We pulled up and noticed the lack of cars and though "Cool, we've got the whole place almost all to ourselves!". Wrong!! The only day there are closed is Monday's! Go figure, right!? A nice gentleman opened the door to inform us that we were either a day late or a day early. He was very kind and gave us free admission passes. We're hoping to try again later this week.

Being that we were already down by Grandma's we'd head that way. First we needed to stop and get a new gas cap, it had snapped in two Saturday night (and I kept forgetting about it yesterday). Luck was on our side that the bowling alley is right next to the auto parts store. With a couple spare hours on our hands, why not stop. After purchasing a new cap and securing it safely back where it should be (I don't know what happens if you drive around without one. Maybe the car blows up, maybe nothing, but I wasn't chancing it.). Knowing my family is once again safe, we went bowling.

I love bowling with younger kids, because you get to use the bumpers. Oh Boy, do I use the bumpers! Joey was in the lead up until the 9th frame, I stayed 2 or 3 pins behind him the whole time (not on purpose, I'm just not that good at bowling). Jacob had a rough game, only knocking down 2 or 3 pins each frame. We came up with everyone had to wiggle their fingers to help his ball that bounced side to side down the lane reach the pins, that worked for a while. He decided it was the bowling alley, we usually play out by our house, if we were at the other one he'd have already gotten a turkey. Jordan maintained 3rd place until the 10th frame when he tied me for the win.

Having not gone swimming yet, and about coffee time for me, we went to Grandma's.  I had the fixings for water balloons in the back of the van, so we played Hot Potatoes with water balloons and balloon toss for a bit. Then got in the pool and really get wet. The pool thermometer lied, there was no way that water was 80 degrees, but not cold enough to turn our lips blue. I got in with the kids anyways, and they splashed and dunked be for a few hours. Grandma came home and rescued me by having donuts for a snack. After coffee it was time to go, the boys were reluctant to leave so we changed plans and ended up staying for dinner too.

I like to plan things ahead of time, but the last 13 years as taught me not to hold too tightly to my plans. I'm very fortunate that my boys are easy going and don't get too upset (usually) when plans change.