Friday, August 30, 2013

Finally Skating!

We usually don't get to skate much, there isn't a rink anywhere close to our home. After attempting to go Monday the boys were really looking forward to going. We ventured back down there to skate, knowing for sure they would be open. When we pulled up there was only a handful of cars (again), this time knowing better than to assume we had the whole place almost to ourselves, my first thought was they closed today for some reason or another or I had gotten the times wrong. Thankfully when we pulled on the door handle they were open. Plus there was maybe 15 other people there. Halleluiah! We'd get to skate! After trying on many pairs of skates to find some that actually fit or didn't have the soles ripped out of them, we hit the stake floor. Jordan took off with out a backwards glance and Joey was right behind him. Jacob made his way to the partition wall and slowly worked his way around the rink. After locating and storing everyone shoes into an over priced locker, I set out to catch up with my boys. For about an hour and half I alternated between whipping around with Jordan to skate dancing with Joey, and keeping Jacob company as we made our way cautiously around. After a quick rehydration break, Jordan and Joey reluctantly  joined me in the Hokey Pokey and The bird dance. The DJ announce a girls only skate and I joined the other 6 females in looping around for the length of one really long song. My boys were kept entertained by waiting at the edge to slap me five as I came there way. Then it was boys only skating, all three got back out on the floor. Somehow remembering that wwwaaaayyy back in the day, that they used to do this right before a couples only song then it would be time to go; I got a jump on things and trade my wheels for my shoes and had the kids' shoes ready. Then a faster paced song came on and the DJ called everyone back to the floor; confused I looked at my clock, we still had an hour left. I thought my legs had already had enough skating, but the boys thought I could handle just one more hour. The nice lady who put my skates away allowed me to have them back and I headed back to my boys.

Slowly throughout our time there Jacob slowly started to inch his way away from the wall. During the last few songs he was rolling near the center of the rink. YAY, Jake!! I'm so proud. Joey learn to move with a little more speed and can sure put on a show with his "Skate dancing". Jordan made a couple attempts to learn to skate backwards, but preferred to whiz past everyone instead. We all had an absolute blast and plan on visiting again sooner. I'm so proud of all my boys for pushing themselves to try new things. (I'm proud of myself for staying out on the floor the whole time, and my legs for keeping me upright the while time)
Being close to Grandma's (again) we stopped by for my coffee and swimming for the boys. My kids sure do love hanging out at Grandma's and again we stayed way longer than planned.