Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work in progress- Bucket list

We haven't completed any bucket list items this week. Although it is going to set us behind on our goal, we'll be able to play catch up next week. We have however been working on a couple more  time consuming ones. It took me a little while to find a coloring book that was just a coloring book without any activities in in it, but finally I found one at a dollar store; we have slowly been working towards complete a whole coloring book. To aid in returning to our school year habit of reading every night before bed we started our read a book as a family (a little each night), we're only a couple chapters into The Candymakers. So far it seems like a version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but we'll have to see. Our most time consuming one is we have been preparing for a mom2mom/garage sale. The boys have been huge0 with helping sort toys, scrubbing down some of the outdoor toys to be sold and putting price tags on clothes. Today was our first day of our sale, and the boys were a great help with selling and helping carry larger items to nearby cars. There will more  to follow soon. Tonight I am exhausted after long days and late nights preparing for the sale. The full story on how our adventure with holding a garage sale (along with pictures) will be up in a couple days after we have completed our sale.