Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Most" Posts of 2013

I'm linking up with Amongst Lovely Things  for their 2013 "Most" Post. Although this is still a fairly new blog, there are enough posts to review. I have really enjoyed looking back over all the things we have done this year. I am reminded of what awesome kids I have and how very blessed I am to be their mom.

Post with the most clicks:
How We Are Dealing With ADHD

This post was very eye opening for me. While trying to write it I was able to experience the feeling of overwhelming jumble of thoughts my son deals with all the time.

Post with the most comments:
How We Are Dealing With ADHD
Not surprisingly, this one took the tile for most comments also. As many parents can relate to dealing with one or more children with ADHD, and we learn different techniques to try from each other.

Post with the best picture:
Precious Memories
Mainly because the whole post is pictures.  Not just any pictures, but of my boys when they were so much younger. This post served as a reminder to me just how fast they grow and how much they have learned about themselves and the world around them.

Post that was  the hardest to write:
Tough Conversations
This post was written just after I had a conversation with my 7 year old about missing his father who had passed 7 years ago. Even though his daddy's passing was awhile ago, it still effects this life. The topic of mortality can be difficult to discuss with your child.

Post that was your personal favorite:
I love everything I write if it deals with my boys, but my overall personal favorite would be a toss up between Why I Love Being A Single Mom With Sons and My Mom
The first one was so much fun to write! While there is a long list of why it is so hard to be a single parent, I was able to reflect on the positives of being a single mother. It definitely has some perks. The second one because I didn't write it, my oldest did. I love that I am able to share a love for writing with my boys; even if we're not much good at it, we still do it and enjoy it. In this post he wanted to share some things he has learned about me, seems fair because I write about him a lot.

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