Monday, December 23, 2013

Snagged Some Computer Time From The Boys

I had forgotten how hard it can be to write anything when the boys are home. It doesn't help me out any that I took away the cable, they now spend their time playing games on the computer. Even when I can snag some screen time I'm often distracted by "cool things" they want me to watch and to referee whose turn it is on the Xbox. While they are on break from school I will try to post as much as I can, but it will be sporadic at best, bare with me.

Here's what we've been up to, basically not much. Saturday my parents came out on took the boys shopping so they could buy presents for me. They also stayed to help the boys with wrapping as I was sent upstairs so not to peek. I was informed "my brothers got you some interesting gifts, but you'll love what I got you" by each of the boys. I will be very surprised I'm sure by whatever they picked out :) and I will love every gift they got for me because they put so much thought into what they thought I would like. The rest of Saturday was catechism for Jordan followed church, and relaxing with a Christmas movie later in the evening.

Sunday around here was totally a day of rest. Not one of us got out of our pajamas! We had a movie marathon day and the boys played their electronics on and off throughout the day. That's basically it. Not all that exciting, but very relaxing.

After a day of total relaxation we were a bit more energized. Grandma came out to spend some time with the older two while Jacob and I joined his den for a field trip (Yep, two days before Christmas). We visited the very exciting world of the city's water treatment facility! Actually it wasn't too bad, the guide for our tour was very good and kept the boys entertained, well as much as you can at water treat facility.

They were having so much fun!! 
Rockin' the PJ's again
After dinner we tackled making some Christmas cookies. Joey and Jacob made just about four dozen chocolate chip cookies (Santa's favorite!!). While the cookies we baking Jordan made some cornflake Christmas wreaths. After a wash of everything all three boys made some shortbread cookies, that we will be icing in the morning. I just finished making some fudge to take to our family get together tomorrow night. My house smell delicious!!

 Orange Rhino update:
Today I made it to and through day 11 without yelling!! Well, so far; I still have one who is still awake and working on my nerves but if I can hang in there until he finally falls asleep I can get past the 10 days and having to restart the challenge. It has been a trying 11 days and more than a couple times I almost had to start over. Knowing that I was so close to reaching my goal really helped me to keep it together. My manta for the past four days " Just __ more days, you're almost there".  Next mini goal to reach the 2 week mark, then a month.