Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas A Day Early

The boys are excited about heading over to visit with family and have been pestering me all day. I think part of their excitement is that they know just before we leave they get to exchange gifts with each other as we get home later after visiting. On the years we don't head out to visit on Christmas Eve day they exchange gifts just before bed. This year they were more excited to have everyone open the presents they bought VS opening the one they were to receive. I think they are gaining a better understanding of the season as they get older.

They have been begging all morning to open presents and I finally gave in. The nice thing about them opening gifts a bit earlier this year is they all happily playing with their new stuff and didn't me to hurry up and leave. All the boys did very well and bought things that their brothers will really enjoy. We have played some of their new games already.

The boys were correct and I did get some interesting gifts, they were also correct that I love what they purchased for me. From Jordan I got a new coffee mug that has saying about how awesome moms are and some flavored coffee creamer. Joey bought me round loom set so I can make them some hats, also he made me a reindeer ornament and a hand made coupon book in school. Jacob's gifts to me where a couple pairs of socks (you can never have too many socks) and an elephant Webkinz.  He was kind enough to recommend naming him "Trunks" and even offered to set it up on computer with his Webkinz, her name in "Little Bit" and he showed me how to set up my own account. He thought a Webkinz was a great gift because I love playing games on the computer.

Some of the things the boys bought for each other are:
Jordan from Joey- a sketch pad and watercolor pencils
Jordan from Jacob- a mini gorilla pillow pet
Joey from Jordan- Jenga
Joey from Jacob- space Lego set
Jacob from Jordan- Skylanders Trouble game
Jacob from Joey- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster

We spent time with our extended family and ate very delicious foods and treats. my cousin took family pictures for everyone, I'll be sharing ours when she posts them.

We are planning on attending midnight mass tonight. The deal with the boys is anyone falls asleep before it is time to head to church we are going to call it a night and everyone head to bed, and attend mass in the morning. With just 2 hours until church starts all 3 are still going strong, we may just make it to church tonight.

I probably won't get a chance tomorrow to get on here, so from all of us at Learning Life With 3 Sons we are wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!!! May your day be filled with good food, great company, and an abundance of love!