Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Second Turkey Day

The down side to spending Thanksgiving at someone else is house is now leftovers, I love leftovers and cold turkey sandwiches. We remedied that by having the boys make a turkey dinner as our "Boys cook dinner" from our bucket list. They seem to have mastered breakfast for dinner and I thought they were ready for more of a challenge.

Joey wrote up the list of what we were going to have and who was in charge of which item. Jordan would get the turkey, deviled eggs. and the cranberries. Jacob would handle "Pink Stuff" (a fruity, whipped dish Grandma makes), mashed potatoes, and the rolls. Joey took the stuffing (it's his favorite), gravy, and corn. I was given set the table and make the Jell-O.

Jordan being in charge of the turkey also meant he was in charge of taking the "extras" out of it. He thought I was messing with him when I told him he had to stick his hand in it and pull out what was left. He was a trooper and fished all the goodies out. We kept things simple and just buttered the bird and put it in a turkey bag to cook. The hand mixer is a favorite cooking tool for my boys and Jacob was excited that it got to use it twice. They were totally in charge of their items, the located all the ingredients, did all the measuring and mixing; I oversaw just for safety reasons.

We had arranged for Papa and Grandma to come over and enjoy the wonderful meal the boys were preparing. They brought a pumpkin pie we devoured after mass.

After a fabulous dinner we headed to church for a special night for Jordan and Jacob. Our church gives the children who will be making the First Holy Communion a necklace with a wood cross for them to wear when attending church. Also the students who will be making their conformation receive a necklace with a wooden dove. The boys received their during last nights mass. The purpose of the necklaces is for the congregation to be able to recognize these students are at an important point in their journey with Christ and to pray for them.

We had also completed our activity of keeping a thankful jar for one month. We started on October 28th and continued adding to it daily until November 28th (Thanksgiving). On the 28th just before bed we went back through and read all the things we were thankful for. Our jar was so full we had to squish down the papers to fit more in by the end of the month. We had a wide variety of things from God, Jesus, and Mom, to colors, paper, electricity, and toilet paper. I'm proud that my boys are thankful for even the little things, because our lives would be really different without them.

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