Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preparing For Christmas

The end of fall is quickly approaching although here in Michigan it has felt like winter the past couple weeks. The end of fall means the end of our Fall Bucket list (if you haven't seen it you can find it here). We have done very well with it and only have one more item to complete, which should be done by this weekend. We will soon be creating and starting our Winter List.

We have a couple other activities that we are doing around here aside from the bucket lists. We are in the process of decorating for Christmas, the tree went up yesterday and they boys will decorate it this evening. The window clings have been changed out and lights have been strung around our house. The loud obnoxious singing/dancing Santa and the giggling reindeer are on display (loud and obnoxious, but also a lot of fun in moderation).

We will start reading our 22 days of Christmas books starting tonight. I wish we had 25 Christmas/snow theme books, but 22 will do. One of our books has a collection of stories, to split them up I used some extra books and taped the title of each story from the collection on it the cover before wrapping them. Most of the books are geared towards the younger two. Jordan and I will be reading A Christmas Carol together, it is more age appropriate for him. The younger ones are really excited to choose their first book, although the are the same books we read about this time every year. I think its the mystery of which book they will get. They will be alternating on who gets to choose, also which ever one chooses is the one who reads the story that night. There are a couple really long stories that I will take over the reading of.

This past Sunday was the beginning of Advent and this year we have decided to make a point to celebrate it. We picked up our Little Blue Book at mass over the weekend and will be working our way through it. Also our wonderful friends over at Homeschool Camper helped us find a cute little site called Holy Heroes that teaches children of all ages about Advent; we will visiting the site daily. Last night the boys and I created an Advent wreath using construction paper. We traced out hands and cut them out to make the evergreens, everyone rolled paper to make one of the candles.

We are also attempting to do a Christmas Around the World. We'll see how that goes.

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