Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let It Snow!!

Sunday night which means another late post because we spent the day visiting with Grandma and Papa. Followed by our last dash to get everything ready for Monday morning and school. With lunches and snacks packed, dress clothes pressed for Jordan's game and double checking that all folders and forms have been signed; I finally get to take a breath and reflect on our day. Realizing that in my hurry to get us home so we weren't rushing about, that I had left my purse (with Jacob's book report in it) at Grandma's, and still ended up rushing everyone off to bed.

No mass today, Saturday service seems to work better for us. So we enjoyed a slow start to our day not heading down to tackle the laundry until after lunch. I love spending time at my parents house and using their fenced in yard. I know I can send the boys out back to play and not have to worry about what other people may approach them. Before the boys could jump in all the snow that had fallen the past two day we had some running around to do. Joey snapped one of the buckles on his snow pants yesterday while taking them off, and Jordan had borrowed a pair of Joey's. After a quick run to the thrift store Jordan now has to pairs of snow pants (without the little kid shoulder straps) and Joey got a pair as well to use as a spare. The best find was a pair of pink snow pants that fit ME!! I haven't owned snow pants since I was Jordan's age or younger. My thinking was if I wasn't so cold every time we went out to play in the snow, the kids could stay longer.

With everyone having appropriate snow attire we went out to play. Well actually I went out and shoveled and the boys played. I did however make a few snow angels with Joey knowing my jeans weren't going to get wet. The snow was still to fluffy to make a fort or decent snow ball, so the piled up snow that would later need for their fort. Jordan had started another bonfire, because well because Papa said he could. I believe the boys did stand by it for small bits of time to warm up a little. Being so toasty warm in my new snow pants we were outside for 3 hours. That's the longest stretch of time we've had since middle of November, bringing our year to date total of outside hours to 141.

The boys had hoped to visit a nearby snow hill either yesterday or today. We could have gone yesterday, but I had gotten confused and thought Jordan had catechism this week. Then today we were at the grandparents. There are a few hills not far from them, but I had too much laundry to tend to that we just didn't have enough time this weekend.

On a side note, I have discovered why every other week it seems like we have double our normal laundry. I have one sweet teenager who likes to hoard his dirty laundry in his room until he has absolutely nothing else to wear. Not sure why that is, as he passes the laundry basket every time he enters or exits his room; the teenage mind, I just don't understand it sometimes.

My Orange Rhino update: There has been some really good day, some close calls, and some days I lost control of my mouth. I did reach and pass my last set goal of 5 days before I ended up having to start over. I'm still working on it, I'm back at 3 days without raising my voice at my children. The freezer has taken the brunt of my not so nice tones, so my words were not directed towards the boys. I have been working on while the holidays may be stressing me out, the kids are excited and not to take away from their joy of a wonderful season. The snow will be an added blessing not only to get them outside playing, but also to burn off some of their energy (and mine) which helps me not feel the need to raise my voice.

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