Thursday, December 19, 2013

Talking With Santa

Last night was the Christmas party with the cub scouts. After all the scouts received the badges they had earned they hurried to get in line for the bake sale. I'm proud to say the fudge we took, was completely sold out by the time we left. They kept the bake sale simple for the kids, everything was a quarter. Shortly after everyone was in line a surprise visitor showed up. YAY! Santa was there! They called the boys up by their dens so they could tell Santa what they would like for Christmas and were given a treat bag along with their Pinewood Derby car kit.

I was thrilled to see that Santa was there, that meant I wouldn't need to go stand in line at the mall. After all the scouts and siblings had their chance to visit with the St. Nick, I went up there with my boys for our Santa picture. Even Jordan poised for a solo picture (what a good sport!). When Santa seen him coming he said that he'd just stand next to Jordan VS. having him sit upon his knee. Jacob the little stinker shielded his mouth when he whispered to Santa what gift he wanted the most. Jacob also called Santa an imposter, saying his beard wasn't even real. When Santa pointed out that that wasn't his beard it was the fur on his coat, that he had trimmed his beard special for his visit with the scouts, Jacob conceded and said he was just testing him to make sure he was the real deal. Joey also whispered is request to Santa.

After everyone was all sugared up and Santa had to head back to the North Pole it was time to head home and try to convince my kids to sleep.

Staying with the Santa theme, Joey had a paper he had to write tonight for school tomorrow. I absolutely love the idea of this paper. The assignment was you had to imagine you were placed upon Santa's "Naughty List" and you had to persuade him to put you on the "Nice List". I absolutely LOVE what Joey came up with. I swear my kids can argue just about any topic. I think I may have Jacob write one of these too.

Here is what Joey wrote:

Dear Santa,

I know it looks like I wasn`t also a good boy this year.  I want to be off the naughty list. Let me explain. I hope you`ll understand why I got in trouble. After you hear my story you`ll understand. Hopefully I will get back on the nice list.

I have hurt my little brother. He can be really annoying. He likes to take my stuff. Also he`s not always nice to me. I have been working on being nicer to him.

I haven`t been listening real well to my mom.  She keeps asking me to clean my room. It is more messy than just I can clean. She wants me to sit and finish my all my homework when I could be playing outside snowboarding. It is important to be active and get fresh air.

At school I get A LOT of work to do. I really try to get it all done but there is A LOT! The work I do get done is really good and I get good grades on it. Sometimes I get my work done and forget to turn it in. I forget a lot of things I’m only 9.

          My teacher thinks I talk way too much. I have a lot of cool things to say. I like to share the things I know with my table. I’m not the only person at my table who talks. We are working on our socializing studies J

          You see my story now. It is all just a big misunderstanding. I’m a really nice boy. You should put me on the nice list. I promise to leave you extra cookies this year.

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