Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Bucket List

The boys and I had actually completed two activities from our Winter Bucket List before we had even finished writing it out. Our list is a little bit longer than our fall one was due to we are counting on a couple snow days from school in which to do a couple items. However because we live in Michigan and snow is not always guaranteed during winter, we limited the number of snow related activities.

So here is our completed list:

  1. Make snowmen (outside) 12/27
  2. Shoebox weaving
  3. ice candles
  4. make candles
  5. indoor camping
  6. write a winter themed story as a family
  7. Q-tip snowflakes
  8. paper snowflakes
  9. sock snowmen
  10. marshmallow igloos
  11. pop bottle penguins
  12. Grow icicle candy (rock candy)
  13. make popcorn "snow"balls  (or snowmen)
  14. walk a nature trail
  15. complete a whole coloring book
  16.  board game day
  17. mom VS kids on video games
  18. puppet show
  19. sledding/snowboarding 12/27
  20. make a fort 
  21. snowball fight
  22. reverse meal day 
  23. cards/craft for senior center
  24.  make a cherry pie
  25.  pillow fight
  26. snow art
  27. visit the fire department
  28. boys cook dinner
  29. secret valentine
  30. dance party

We repeated a couple things the boys really enjoyed from some of our other lists, as well as the two things we ran out of time for from our summer list.

I was planning on hosting a link-up for the Winter List, but haven't had the time to research into what I needed to do. If I can figure it out, it will be up within a week. I welcome you to start a "Bucket List" or "Fun list" with your families and please share you journey with us on our Facebook (If I can't get the link-up set up).