Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finally Ready For Christmas...I think

Earlier this week I wrote about although we have been preparing for Christmas, the decorations have been set out, we have been following Holy Heroes daily and reading a Christmas book every night; that somehow Christmas had still snuck up on me. Well, I'm proud to say, "Bring on the holiday cheer we're ready for it". Within the last two days I managed to get all my shopping done (with the exception of one gift that needs to be picked up tomorrow). Everything is bought, wrapped, tagged, and either under the tree or safely tucked away. Jacob has his book for his class's book exchange, the younger two are half way through their crafting of gifts for their teachers, fudge is in the process of being made for the scouts' party and bake sale tomorrow night. I am all caught up after getting a late start. I'm not done being in store though, the boys' still have their shopping to do.

I've gotta tell you it feels great!! I'm a planner and list maker and usually am the person who drives you nuts by having all my holiday shopping done before December (if not before Thanksgiving). To be so wrapped up in all the "extras" and lose track is just not like me. I have learned from watching my mom how to get things done while racing the clock; a very useful skill, although I never thought I would need it. I'm use to having everything done early that we can afford the time for all the "extras", this year I guess we did it kind of backwards, and I have no choice but to be okay with that.

This evening we attend a concert for two of our neighbors who have been working very hard on learning to play the violin. We were a bit late getting there after picking Jordan up from practice, but we able to hear them play their last song. We stayed for the rest of the concert and listened to some of the older kids play as well as their middle school choir. All the different groups played very well and the choir was also great and entertaining to watch. Thank you again for inviting us to watch you play :) I'm proud of both of you <3

After we got home from the concert the boys' Godparents stopped by to exchange gifts with them, as they will be out of town for Christmas. My boys' are very excited about and love what they received. We are very blessed to have such loving, caring Godparents in our lives.

So, with the first gift exchanged (and mine finally bought) let the fun of the holiday continue, without any more stressing on my part. I'm finally ready for Christmas....I think.

Orange Rhino update: Made it to and through day 5! TOOT! TOOT! (< Tooting my own horn) Almost to my mini goal of one straight week without raising my voice.

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