Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall Bucket List Wrap Up

Our Winter Bucket List is ready to be posted!! First let me give a wrap up of our fall list.  We were off to a great start back in September, with a visit to the nature center were we had our picnic and walked the trails. We also collected items from the ground for our nature pictures we completed the following weekend along with making caramel apples. The caramel was adventure in itself. We were able to mark off quiet a few when we visited the cider mill including picking apples and walking a corn maze. That same weekend we also took our flashlight walk and made our first attempts at popcorn balls. Our Bat hunt didn't go according to plan, but we improvised and things worked out. We had many apples on hand so we used the opportunity to bob for apples and made two apple pies. Just days before Halloween we walked about a mile during our pumpkin count and again had to improvise to make monster cookies. Of course we also carved our pumpkins during this time. We started on thankful jar so that we would end it just in time for Thanksgiving.

During November things were off to a slow start with just our bonfire then a week later we were blessed to have someone offer us their pile of leaves to jump in. Just before Thanksgiving things picked up a bit and we flew through creating a couple different styles of leaf art and constructed our own versions of leaf people, as well as finished our family book. The boys also did their shopping for our local food pantry and dropped off their donations. We ended the month with our friends over at Homeschool Camper helping us out with taking our family fall picture (with us in winter coats) and my boys putting together a second Thanksgiving dinner that we shared with my parents. We finished on the last possible day with finally baking apples.

While more of our activities this time around lead to having to get creative and improvising, it was fun to see what we could come up with to complete our list. Some things I think turned out better after having to think outside the box for. I can't wait to see what challenges our Winter List brings us.

A cousin of mine had mentioned he likes following our updates but I have never explained why we were doing the list to begin with.  I got the idea from a friend who had  found a page called The Happy Family Movement 2013 Summer Bucket List. I figure our family had strained a bit with having my nephew living with us and participating could help bring us closer again. During our summer list we tried many things for the first time and some were things we have done in the past and wanted to make sure we included on our list. While we came close to completing our insanely long list, we ended up missing two of the activities. Posting the list help keep me accountable for neat things I've said I would like to do with my boys and never made the time to do. The boys loved marking off when we completed something and seeing how many people were following us through our list. We decided to do a Fall List but there was no way we were attempting another list with over 100 things. 25 seems like a  nice doable number and this time around we just squeaked in the last one.

If you missed any part of our journey through our fall list or even our summer list you can find the links to them here. (Some of our posts from our Summer list were written when I was co-blogging with a friend and didn't survive the switch, I'm hoping to be able to somewhat recreate some of the posts).