Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tree Lighting

Last night was the tree lighting for Grandma's city, seems we missed the one for our village we thought we'd attend theirs. It was bitter cold, according to my phone it was 23 degrees which means it was much colder with the wind chill. We covered just the basics while we were there and were done in just about an hour.

We stood and listened to some carolers, listen to the major's speech and watched Santa arrive on the city fire truck to receive the key to the city. After they flipped the switch to light the tree Joey wanted to stop my the cub scout tent, where we got a craft to do at home, since their glue had frozen in the bottles. They choose different pinewood derby cars to race for a bit (noting the designs of the winners for when they make theirs). Next was to see Dancer and Blitzen who escorted Santa down from the North Pole. We were not able to actually pet them, but did get to snap a few pictures. There was a petting farm area also. The kids really liked the camel best. I had left my purse locked in the van, so I didn't have any cash on me to buy animal feed. My boys picked a couple of carrot pieces from the ground to feed the camels. Jacob had his hand nibbled on by a friendly camel when he held out a small carrot stick. We spent a some time petting the other animals before spotting a multiple person bike. We took a ride on one of the two original 6 person bicycle that the decked out with Christmas lights. Being thoroughly frozen we headed to warm up our numb fingers and toes. We didn't wait to visit with Santa (although he look authentic) because there was an extremely long line and we were hungry. We'll catch up with Santa another time.

What better way to warm up then a pizza buffet. We spent more time at the buffet then we did at the tree lighting. I love the atmosphere of this one and the creative d├ęcor they have. Jacob was able to get a pizza the way he can eat it, pepperoni no cheese. After eating way too much it was finally time to head home for our carbohydrate comas that follow.
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