Thursday, December 12, 2013

Over Crazed about Christmas

Sorry there has been no post, things have been crazy busy around here. I am realizing that I try to cram too much into every holiday. Now that my boys are getting older and busier it is harder to get all the fun holiday themed activities in before the actual holiday. While they are in school I have the time to sit and plan things for us to do because I feel like I have all the time in the world. Once 3 o'clock rolls around there is very limited time to do all the fun things I had planned. While I usually have 2 kids with down time while the other one participates in their activity, I'm holding out hope to complete all my ideas as a family.

With that said Christmas Around the World is getting pushed back to our Christmas break, so we will be able to enjoy the activities more and not feel so rushed. Pushing Christmas Around the World back will allow time for our Christmas traditions and some Christmas shopping. We'll still be following Advent Adventures daily and reading our 22 Books for Christmas (and A Christmas Carol). This weekend I'm making a point to finally complete our last bucket list item and make bake apples.

There is less than 2 weeks before Christmas and my boys still haven't made their wish lists. Not watching TV tends to make it harder for them to rattle off a list of things they want, they just don't know what new toys are out there. Soon we'll be heading to the store with a pencil and paper to create their lists. A couple years back I started doing thins with the boys and they love it. We walk up and down the aisles and they bring me the items they want and I write them down (as well as the price). This has helped eliminate some of the toys they think they want, but turn out not being what they thought. Playing with a toy in the store you can see if it as cool as the box claims (or if it looks like it would break easily). We'll be doing this this weekend because it tends to take a couple hours to check out all the toys.

Next week we'll  be cooking cookies, making gingerbread men, and gingerbread houses, and possible trying to make some fudge. Oh, I guess we better add Christmas shopping seems the boys haven't done any at all so far. There will be a couple crafts tossed in throughout the week as time allows.

I'm still working on not putting so much stress on myself to have the "perfect holidays". I make all these plans then have to back track and start crossing things off or bumping them to another time. I have to learn, I don't have to do it all for it to leave lasting memoires for my boys. It's a working progress, I'm getting better at noticing when I have given myself too much to accomplish.

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